Learning makes me happy! Want these two dimensions to be a teacher 9c8836

Learning makes me happy! Want to make these two dimensional character when the teacher you anime fans should still be in the school student party. Have you ever thought about "if the two dimensional character is my teacher," when faced with a boring class or a boring teacher? Today is teacher’s day, take advantage of this opportunity to come to the mother of the penguins to open a hole, imagine if the role of the two dimension when our teacher will be what kind of situation. Chinese Literature: "girl" Amano far son love with all literary works in the world of the girl, perhaps to the far sister sub class and students. She is familiar to all the famous literary work and the author, and because of the "eat Book monster" set, when she tells the story of literary works is like doing delicacy report. Imagine the dull and boring Chinese class has become a food show, is the moment full of passion? Also, thanks to her special ability, composition becomes very convenient, finished directly please far sub teacher to eat, eat it is not good to pass, just rewrite. Simple and efficient, my mother no longer have to worry about my score low! Mathematics: "the rebellion" Lelouch mathematics certainly need a good head teacher to teach, Lelouch adults should be representative of the anime IQ burst table. Single handedly built the Black Knights, after overthrowing the rule of his father when the emperor of Britannia, finally defeated the brother, launched the "zero Requiem" to create a new world order. Even if there is a GEASS plug-in plus, if there is no genius, estimated in the animation has entered the bar plate. So a mathematical, Lelouch adult brain is absolutely able to guarantee perfectly. In addition as the floor demolition spree, Lelouch calculation ability is certainly not to say. In a number of broken terrain made reverse in the battle, the enemy is not only the explosion of chaos tools, can blow out a shortcut. It certainly requires a lot of computing and spatial geometry, but it’s a good idea to teach math. Finally, if you do not listen to the class, a GEASS direct command you give me Study hard!" It is impossible to be lazy. English: "FATE" series saber now learn English in addition to cope with the exam, more important is to master a means of communication and communication. So now the foreign teachers teaching, one to one spoken language teaching will be so hot. There are also a lot of foreigners in the animation works, but to speak English in the end who is more authentic, I am afraid that there are fewer characters than saber. After all, saber is Mami – King Arthur of England legend! Who would say that Arthur ‘s English is not authentic, it makes no sense. Saber serious character, I believe that she must be careful to treat the work of teaching it. But if there are people not in words, don’t forget that saber is in the spirit of the Holy Grail War, if she took out treasure "EX curry stick", then estimate the whole school will be blasted into nothing left. Physics: "my friends are few" Chi bear science even the names are science, physics will not be bad! And she’s a genius.相关的主题文章: