Linkedin Helps Sap Consultants Get Listed On Sap

Computers-and-Technology SAP consultants leverage LinkedIn LinkedIn makes it even easier for SAP consultants to be included in the SAP Rankings ( online directory listings. New functionality from LinkedIn allows SAP consultants to simply click the "Apply with LinkedIn" button to submit professional information. The "Apply with LinkedIn" button can be found on each SAP consultant listing page . Once an SAP consultant or SAP analyst submits their information via logging in to LinkedIn, SAP Rankings will categorize and confirm information. The consultant or analyst will then be listed in the SAP Rankings online directory. SAP Rankings provides detailed SAP information on SAP consultants SAP Rankings augments LinkedIn information of SAP consultants by providing detailed SAP information not specifically captured by LinkedIn. The detailed SAP information includes go-lives, years SAP experience, certification, upgrades, availability, lead positions and more. Additionally, summarized information on SAP Rankings such as average bill rates of SAP consultants by specialty (e.g. MM, SD, FI, BI) is included. The site also ranks consultants based on SAP experience. This experience ranking is objectively calculated from the SAP detailed information of the consultant or analyst. The ease of use in submitting professional information via LinkedIn by simply clicking a button helps a consultant or analyst gain greater exposure in getting connected to potential employers. This is a result of more-and-more companies using the SAP Rankings web site to find SAP consultants and analysts. Although LinkedIn is a great way to find people, you are unable to find detailed information required to narrow a pool of SAP candidates for a specific requirement. SAP Rankings solves this problem by capturing detailed SAP information. The SAP Rankings web site also provides an easy way to compare candidates by comparing common set of attributes between SAP consultants and SAP analysts. This new feature from LinkedIn is integrated in the SAP Rankings site now. For the busy consultant or analyst that wants to be listed, but doesnt want to go through the sign up process, they can provide information through clicking on the blue Apply with LinkedIn button. Steps for SAP consultants to be listed on SAP Rankings 1. Go to SAP Rankings (.saprankings..). 2. Find and click the category of SAP you want to be listed in (e.g. SAP-MM, SAP-Security, etc). 3. Click the Apply with LinkedIn button on the page. 4. If you are already logged into LinkedIn, you are finished. If not, you will be prompted to log into to LinkedIn to have your information submitted to SAP Rankings and be listed with other SAP consultants. Check it out for SAP consultants and SAP Consulting .panies John Lenhardt has 20 years in the SAP industry including being an SAP America platinum consultant, founding and running a boutique SAP consulting .pany, being an end-user of SAP software, and working as an independent SAP consultant. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: