Ma Huateng et al. For the first time in an interview to answer the question of corporate successor xpphone

Ma Huateng Ding Lei, in an interview for the first time to respond to the Tencent enterprise successor technology news in November 17th, the third session of the world Internet Conference held entrepreneurs collective interview, Tencent chairman of the board and CEO Ma Huateng (micro-blog), founder of NetEase, chairman of the board and CEO Ding Lei, Lenovo chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet (micro-blog) today’s headlines, CEO Zhang Yiming and chairman of Alibaba cultural entertainment strategy and Investment Committee Gu Yongqiang (micro-blog) participated in the interview. During the interview, the guests talk about their views and opinions on innovation, artificial intelligence and other hot issues, Ding Lei’s verse frequent. Ding Lei Ding Lei: a hot dinner dinner has become a fixed activities outside world Internet Conference Agenda, every year during the conference, Ding Lei will treat other participants of the big dinner last night, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog), Yang Yuanqing, Yu Cheng and other chiefs attended East Ding Lei group dinner. At a news conference today, a topic on the dinner table apparently still bigwigs relish. Thank the host Ding Lei Lei told reporters, the party last night found domestic mobile phone (manufacturers) fast poly, Ding Lei ordered that we don’t talk about the mobile phone. Yang Yuanqing also said last night at dinner we talked about the mobile phone industry, water flooding, black each, each other had a holiday. But in the end, we agreed to take responsibility for the internet. China’s market is only 30% of the world’s largest market, the world’s market is bigger, the eyes of the global market, we strive to become the world’s top three of our top three." Hot two: innovation is the theme of the world Internet Conference is driven by innovation benefits mankind, innovation has become one of the most talked about topics in the media. In the opening speech said Lei Jun millet has two innovation over the past year, one is technical, two is the business model, began to get through online and offline, the electricity supplier efficiency to do retail stores, at the beginning of this year after the pilot, the cost rate is very close to the electricity supplier. In the next three years, if you can do the home of millet, millet retail efficiency can do the world’s second." On the innovation of Ding Lei’s view is that only constant innovation in order to provide users with more than expected experience. Gu Yongqiang believes that the ten years of video website innovation more users and distribution side, prospects for the future ten years of culture and entertainment innovation, released in VR, AR users can see the content changes, including production, also can see the mobile broadcast and so on, everyone involved in the production of content, even in cash, to explore more patterns with ALI, "I think it will see more reflect the new cultural aspects." Hot three: artificial intelligence said Ma Huateng for artificial intelligence, during the General Assembly debate, artificial intelligence is more in the cloud, mobile internet terminal is a lot of change, but the change of terminal and cloud changes the two complement each other, not here no other side. How to be more intelligent in the cloud, with big data, which is definitely a big wind, but it is now the most critical time? I think we need a lot of basic things"相关的主题文章: