Mercedes Benz BMW accused of side window sunscreen to increase the risk of skin cancer vidalia

Mercedes BMW accused of side window sun difference increases the risk of skin cancer beauty test found that sunscreen ability are lower than the 60% increase the risk of skin cancer and cataract risk Legal Evening News (reporter Li Zhihao) the car window protection degree is not high, recently, BMW, Mercedes Benz will enter the "worst list". A study in the United States said that many car side windows of the sun is not enough, it is easy to make passengers suffering from skin cancer or increased probability of cataracts. The Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, part of the vehicle, in the 29 test car, UVA become the most difficult to prevent the 3 car. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the exposure of these brands of vehicles, the ability to protect the side window is less than 60%. Questioned by BMW and Mercedes Benz, Porsche was the worst side window sun "Daily Mail" reported that the United States of Losangeles "Bosewa of automobile sun Le degree vision mechanism", lasted for decades, mainly to test the car side window. The agency pointed out that most of the car’s front windshield can be as high as 98% of the sun, but the degree of side window sun is greatly reduced. If the passenger sits in a position near the side of the window for a long time, even a cloudy day, it will greatly increase the risk of skin cancer or cataracts. During the test, the mechanism of 15 kinds of 29 cars were investigated, results showed that the UVA sunscreen is the worst of the 3 car, the Mercedes Benz E550 2009 respectively, the sun was only 44%; BMW 320i 2013 sunscreen rate was 55% and the Porsche Turbo S, the sun was 56%. The study said, in fact, these sections of the front windshield of the sun is not bad, such as BMW 320i 2013 of the front windshield of the degree of sunscreen can reach 96, Porsche Turbo S sun protection rate is also. In addition, Audi a model of the side window of the sun is not satisfactory, only 64%. Test the best sunscreen 3 cars, including Lexus Rx350 2011, the sun was as high as 96%; Mercedes Benz S Class 55502013 sunscreen, rate of 95%; the third is the Volkswagen Golf 2014, sunscreen rate reached 82%. The study on the evaluation of the Lexus Rx350 2011 is the highest, because the car is both front windshield and side windows or rear windshield, sunscreen can degree between 92%-96%, can be said to be a comprehensive protection. The level of a front windshield sun above 90% side window for an average of 71% led the study by Dr. watts Le, the team used a portable UVA meter in Losangeles, on the vehicle for a long time to reach the test results. "In previous studies, we know that if a person’s face is exposed to light for a long time, it will greatly increase the risk of cataracts or skin cancer," dr.. This is the premise for us to do this study, because I know that many vehicles did not have very good consistency in sunscreen standards, one of the most prominent is the sunscreen ability front windshield and car glass phase on the other相关的主题文章: