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The Ministry of transportation announced net about car driver exam content more than 80 qualified Sohu automobile Beijing morning news (reporter Zou Le) in the country have landed about network vehicle management rules, the Ministry of transport announced yesterday, "the taxi driver qualification examination outline" national public subject and clear "on the network booking taxi service style license notice", defined the specific content, net about car driver examination way and "three certificates" document style. According to the outline, the taxi driver qualification national public examination subjects to implement the national unified examination syllabus. Examination of the implementation of the national unified examination questions, the use of computer systems to test the problem of random test. Examination time 60 minutes. The exam consisted of 85 questions, questions are divided into judgment questions, multiple choice questions and multiple-choice. One of the 15 questions to determine the title, each question of 1 points; single choice questions, the title of each question, 1 points; multiple-choice questions of the 15 questions, each question of 2 points. The total score of 100 points, more than 80 points for the examination. Examination results will be announced within 10 days of the examination. Test the specific content of master taxi related policies, laws and regulations; master taxi operation safety knowledge; understand the taxi driver’s occupation morals; master taxi service standards; familiar with the taxi operators and other relevant knowledge. The examination content on the "New Deal" accounted for the most, to reach 18 points, "New Deal" includes "the general office of the State Council on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of guidance", "taxi driver qualification management regulations", "network reservation taxi business service management procedures", "cruising taxi business service management regulations", "taxi service quality reputation assessment methods" national car rental policy, laws and regulations. In addition, the Ministry of transportation yesterday also issued a clear on the appointment of the car rental service license notice. "Notice" provisions of the network booking taxi license, online booking taxi transport card, online booking taxi driver card ID cards style. Among them, the "network booking taxi operators record" column fill in the corresponding network platform about the car company, to provide service access platform for a number of companies, should note, and the network about the car platform company stamped. Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission to start the examination and research Beijing morning news reporter was informed that the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee has launched a taxi network about car test research. At the end of the month, the Municipal Transportation Commission Director Zhou Zhengyu led the investigation of the city’s taxi driver examination and approval work. The research group first came to Beijing training school a detailed view of the taxi driver examination site, acceptance test of the theory and practical operation of the examination. Then go to the Commission to transport authority examination center, field research taxi driver certificate handling and theory examination room, listen to the relevant person in charge. The research group also came to the city traffic Commission administrative examination and approval center, a detailed understanding of the taxi operation certificate, vehicle operation certificate and driver’s license issued by the passenger qualification and other related matters, and related work organization held a forum. Previously, Beijing released a net about the car相关的主题文章: