Net courier about the car only to pull things don’t pull this is what kind of play – new network

Net "courier" about the car only to pull things don’t pull this is what kind of play? Beijing – recently, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission informed the 6 discipline examination of cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, including accept banquets, public funds tourism, illegal use of the bus etc.. After the eighteen, every festival will make the normalization of anti-corruption measures in China has become a form of ban, report, investigate and inform the festival anti-corruption combination punches". However, in the past the Mid Autumn Festival, repeated dinner gift in layers under the supervision of their new tricks, network about cars only to pull things do not pull into "new favorite gifts". Before the holiday gifts network about the car into the main position, recently, I have become a courier." In the process of a car in the Mid Autumn Festival, surnamed Xu said about network driver. It turned out that about a week before the Mid Autumn Festival, Xu master had received a puzzling list, the guests called the car not to get on the car, just put some things in the car. After Xu master in accordance with the specified address to ‘goods’ to send, 4 consecutive single is so. Since the receipt of the delivery address are enterprises and institutions, Xu master concluded that this should be a gift before the holiday. "To take things are generally small and young enterprises and institutions. I once asked under the orders of the people, whether to the front door, have been rejected, under the orders of the request must be sent to the other hand." Master Xu said. A full-time network about cars more "safe and reliable" chose the network about a car to send "goods", first of all because send "goods" and "goods" both sides do not appear; followed by the network about cars have pre deposit system is directly deducted the money in the account. More importantly, the network about the car drivers are registered full-time driver, once the problem can quickly find the driver and the company to deal with, so more secure". It is understood that, as of the Mid Autumn Festival, master Xu received such orders since 8, and another 7 network master Xu with a company about car drivers, 4 people also received such delivery". "Please don’t see things difficult" thinking still according to the observation, many previous years were full of the government’s gift box, gift box number this year was significantly reduced. A way to become more covert, the emergence of electronic coupons, envelopes and other gifts of new mode of WeChat. Opened more than 10 years of the company, the Mid Autumn Festival this year to save money." Operate a trading company in Beijing Zhang Kai (a pseudonym) said, because the dinner was rejected, he only gave several holidays this year to deal with department heads to send ginseng box and some wine fruit gift boxes, a total of more than 20 thousand. In previous years, a meal alone, it may cost about one hundred thousand yuan. No gifts heart restless." Zhang Kai said, "after all, Chinese is human society, reciprocity through gifts, dinner to maintain". While some giver is selected in the loose supervision of the festival, direct express gifts. Beijing City, Xicheng District enterprises gathered near the altar, SF express employee surnamed Zhang also said that after a large amount of work, relationships and geographical location may feel. A frequent pattern of anti-corruption efforts.相关的主题文章: