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Net exposure Huang Qishan to participate in the "masked singing"   play "beauty girl warrior"? – Heilongjiang Channel – People’s original title: net exposure Huang Qishan to participate in the "masked singing" to play "beautiful girl warrior"? Recently, some friends broke the news, said the singer Huang Qishan participated in the masked song will be recorded, and will debut in this week’s show. According to the confirmation of the program group, the third phase of the program broadcast this week, fill the first stage of the female singer is "Cat Diary? Hepburn", and "a roar at the sight of injustice sailor", if users said, then the two hands should have a new song is Huang Qishan himself. According to the audience to participate in the program recording revealed that when the two singer cat Hepburn and Dora sailor also appeared on the stage and sang a song. After the end of the concert, guess the jury can not sing a song from the two, make a direct judgment. Just guess the jury are caught in a strong curiosity, as head of the delegation of the Eric Moo review last year guess to cat Hepburn questions sharply, "did you help cartoon voice?" Cat Hepburn’s generous recognition revealed a little identity information. And another "at the sight of injustice with a roar girl, very attractive. She is a beautiful blonde, wearing a skirt, revealing eyes lovingly pathetic legs appear scene, graceful figure, a woman. And there are users from her name analysis, the singer likes the animated cartoon, the girls can be locked in the age range of 80 to 90". The name of the prefix "at the sight of injustice with a roar", is revealed in her forthright personality, of course, does not rule out the singer in real life, is a fan of Liu Huan. After listening to the singer’s concert, Ella refer to really like Jolin, "Wowkie Zhang sighed" with Jolin as like as two peas". (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: