Nineteen year old guy in the fall dead left strange suicide note (video)

Nineteen year old guy in the fall dead left strange "suicide note" schools are reading small Xin practice to Beijing in April this year, the unexpected is, less than a month, but in a small Xin Capital Normal University boys dormitory 7 floor bizarre fall dead. That is because of the small Xin parents school fails to fulfill the obligations of management, it will be the first normal university sued to the court, claim the loss of a total of more than 65 yuan. Yesterday afternoon, the case in the court of Haidian Fuxing Road court hearing. The accident falls dead the plaintiff Mr. Chen (see photo), Ms. Chen claimed that the two son of the plaintiff small Xin was found in May 4th this year at the Capital Normal University is located on the eastern side of the door unit A students apartment building area fall dead. Two the plaintiff that the defendant as school managers shall be responsible for the management of the management area, due to its deficiencies to the corresponding management responsibilities lead to small Xin falls dead, shall bear the liability for compensation. It is taken to court, requesting the court to order the Capital Normal University to pay compensation for death, funeral expenses, mental damages totaling more than 65.8 yuan. Yesterday afternoon, the case in Haidian court Fuxing Road court hearing, the plaintiff Mr. Chen appeared in court. In the face of small Xin parents sued the school said do not agree, that is the small Xin non school students, but also its result falls Dutch act, does not have any relationship with the school. Xiao Xin, just 19 years old this year, from September 2012 to the time before the incident, which is a technical school in Shenzhen, the incident is in the vicinity of the internship before graduation. "At the beginning of this year, my son came out of the school to practice, in March when a mold factory in Jiangxi internship for a month, in April 22nd came to Beijing, began to do security in a unit." According to Mr. Xin Xin Chen said his last contact with his son was three days before the incident in May 1st. "At that time, he called me and said that he had just finished the night shift in the evening, and he stood for 12 hours a day. He said he could not stand it. He wanted to find another job." Whether the Dutch act small Xin why each one sticks to his argument falls, the two sides each one sticks to his argument. On the court, the school issued a "suicide note", including the backpack, mobile phone and other evidence to prove the small Xin Department of Dutch act falls. It happened at 5 in the afternoon, three students are the first to find someone falls, the school baoweichu personnel quickly to the scene, we not only the police called the ambulance." The agent said, small Xin is from the school boys dormitory building 7 storey window falling, was found near a mass of paper, paper is a small Xin left suicide". "The note read: cherish life, away from drugs. I’ve seen too many drug addicts…… When you take that one, it’s not you, it’s family……" School agent person. However, the evidence shows that after the investigation by the public security organs, the body did not detect a small Xin Pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition, Mr. Chen is also in doubt for the son of this "suicide note". "This letter writing is illegible, I had seen the son of words, with this letter writing is not the same." Mr. Chen insisted that his son did not commit suicide. Chen also said that according to the investigation of the public security organs, the incident before the small Xin in the dormitory to stop dead相关的主题文章: