Nintendo NX will give up lock area built in 32gb compatible with 3ds– people’s game ca1835

Nintendo NX will give up the lock: built-in 32GB  3DS– compatible game original title: Nintendo NX will give up the lock: built-in 32GB 3DS compatible with all the news recently in the new Nintendo Playstation NX has suggested that far from release, but the "lock" is still the most concerned about game player. Today, the latest news shows that the NX host will no longer be able to take the lock policy, but like PS4 and Xbox One, the region’s generic, the fuselage internal storage space is 32GB. The source said that the game has been sent to the developer of the test machine without any restrictions on the lock area, it is inferred that this new user policy will be extended to the production models which. But industry insiders believe that, due to the failure of U Wii and PS4 Xbox One, the Nintendo NX to attack cities and capture territories, the market space is very limited, if still blindly stick to lock policy, initial sales growth is not conducive to the new host. Combined with previous exposure information, the NX host will support the unreal 4 such advanced game engine, and in order to avoid the embarrassment of the initial game works, NX host will also support the 3DS content. (commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: