North Korea back to the Security Council condemned the days of saying there will be a major action jodie foster

The Security Council condemned North Korea back in recent days said there would be "significant action" data figure: North Korean "military first festival" to celebrate the success of the submarine launched missile North Korea said it would take days back the Security Council condemned the "major action" 28 North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement, the Security Council condemned back. According to KCNA reported that the spokesman said, follow the United States and its influence in the United Nations Security Council once again on the North Korean missile launch and other self-defense measures "hostilities" of North Korea proposed the US-ROK joint military drill is an act of aggression, but to strengthen the self defence forces to make irresponsible remarks on North Korea, which has completely lost the neutrality in international institutions. The opposite the duel naked in the American side. The statement also said that the United States such as North Korea missile test launch, gossiping is essentially a self destructive path, North Korea hopes that the United States will think twice, the best way to avoid the angry crushing blow is not to denigrate the dignity and safety, in weight and introspection. If the United States ignored the serious warning of North Korea, continue to threaten the dignity and survival of North Korea, then North Korea as a "military power" will be phased to take significant measures". Yonhap said North Korea in recent days said it would take a phased "significant action", its meaning has triggered concern. Some analysts believe that this is likely to mean that North Korea will continue to develop nuclear and missile technology, and continue to demonstrate the power of the process. Since the beginning of the North Korean nuclear test, immediately launched a long-range rocket launch, in the next few months, and then continue to shoot missiles, reed hole, water dance end missile launch test. Some analysts believe that the possibility of nuclear explosion in North Korea in the future will be more and more big test. Since North Korea conducted a submarine missile test, South Korea, some of the media continue to render Pyongyang has changed the game weapons, helplessness is sweeping korea". In the outside world, these claims can not be exaggerated. Agence France-Presse 27, said the U.S. think tank believes that North Korea is making progress in the submarine missile, but it will take several years to deploy such weapons. John · Hopki University of South Korea believes that North Korean submarine launched missile launch successfully shows the project progress faster than expected, "but this does not mean that it will be on next week, next month or next year will be able to deploy, on the contrary, the speed and the Korean submarine launched missile test shows that, the first to the second half of 2018 it may with an initial operational capability to deploy".相关的主题文章: