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NVC   Wu Changjiang trial not guilty; accused of misappropriation of funds over 900 million – Finance – people.com.cn original title: NVC Wu Changjiang pleaded not guilty to charges of misappropriation of funds over the trial of Wu Changjiang 900 million for misappropriation of funds and embezzlement pleaded not guilty to the newspaper news (reporter Liu Shenliang) in September 1st, the former president of NVC founder Wu Changjiang, suspected of the crime of misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, the assistant Chen Yan alleged embezzlement crime case in Guangdong Province, Huizhou City Intermediate People’s court. As of yesterday, the case has been two days of trial. The indictment alleges that from 2012 to August 2014, Wu Changjiang at the board without authorization and China holding company NVC NVC company approved by the case, the use of Chinese NVC companies to provide loan guarantees for 5 companies, the actual control of the company has Chinese NVC pledge deposit up to 923 million 880 thousand yuan. Because Wu Changjiang can not repay, resulting in these three banks will Chinese NVC company a total of 556 million 500 thousand yuan deposit forced to deduct, resulting in huge losses of the company. In addition, Wu Changjiang was also suspected in 2014, during the two occupation of the amount of 13 million 700 thousand yuan reached $. The largest shareholder of NVC Elec-Tech disclosed recently announced that NVC has filed a lawsuit against Wu Changjiang, the spouse of Wu Lian and the actual control of the 5 companies, compensation for losses. The prosecution at the same time, Wu Changjiang NVC, Wu love of the units involved in the property preservation measures taken action, seized Wu Changjiang and other units involved in the property, including 130 million shares held by Wu Changjiang and the Chongqing stock Elec-Tech Wuji Real Estate Development Company Limited under the name of 4 pieces of land. NVC through the counter guarantee measures, estimated recoverable amount of 485 million yuan. Wu Changjiang said in the courtroom, the total loan for the construction of real estate projects "NVC building". It is said that the agreement with Chongqing municipal government, if reached 1 billion yuan investment in Chongqing City, in addition to enjoy the preferential routine of the government of Chongqing, but also get extra tax, executives and concessions, the Chongqing municipal building will give priority to the use of NVC products, and the government promised to sell to NVC a good location. It is worth noting that, "the construction of the main building NVC" for Chongqing Wuji real estate development company, the legal representative for Wu Changjiang’s ex-wife Wu love, the ultimate control rights in the hands of Wu Changjiang, there is no subordinate relationship with NVC, only for the joint venture. In other words, "all income and NVC NVC building" arising from the independent. When the judge asked whether Wu Changjiang is willing to return the funds of listed companies, Wu Changjiang suddenly increased voice, "I never thought of occupation of funds of listed companies, I always want to repay." "You are guilty of misappropriation of public funds, the crime of embezzlement, do you plead guilty?" The presiding judge asked. "I don’t confess." Wu Changjiang’s answer was decisive and clear. Newspaper reporter Liu Shenliang text (commissioning editor Yang Xi and Yang Di)相关的主题文章: