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Recoge StarCraft new champion ByuN sun hand cocoon 2016 Blizzard StarCraft 2 World Championships world finals Beijing time on November 6th morning ended, from South Korea’s ByuN 4:2 against Terran Zerg player Dark off the world championship trophy, and won the $200 thousand prize. ByuN ByuN became the first person in WCS finals history race champion, this can not help but also reminds us of our ByuN win at GSL this year, and for a moment in history’s first non star champion team, the Terran leaders have created a new record in the two contest in 2016 this year, "StarCraft 2 best player" ByuN deserved. The new world champion in the world within a day of the harvest of the spotlight and applause, the glory of the champion and a huge bonus to his career peak. But behind the brilliant, ByuN efforts are seldom know, two months ago, South Korean media for his interview, ByuN told reporters his right hand, because of long time practicing every day, his right hand for a long time and high strength using the mouse operation, his wrist has worn out a thick layer the cocoon. ByuN had to show reporters on his wrist for a long time practice grind cocoon (source: Inven) ByuN had showed reporters his wrist for a long time practice grind cocoon (source: Inven) ByuN is a very hard-working player, with many excellent players like Starcraft 2 occupation. ByuN usually every day for at least 10 hours of practice, in 2013 ByuN has publicly broadcast exercises for 48 hours. So as you can imagine, Wan Jun in the limit point in the WCS finals staged ByuN antivirus on the explosion let the audience exclaimed "non human operation" is because the ByuN in the usual pay countless practice hard disk. Limit point antivirus ByuN explosion in the long ago, ByuN also showed US Marines scattered strong hiding blew a ball, it is called no solution operation! Thump the table and praise the excellence of a thing! Review of StarCraft 2 game guards for StarCraft 2 is wonderful occupation players practice long time high intensity caused by hand trauma is not only ByuN a person, also is the best in the world, Taeja Maru Terran players have since been exposed wrist injury affects the game news. Including the former first interstellar guru Flash, at its peak was also photographed hand wounds, he had revealed to the media, the long-term high intensity exercise let him hand grinding out of the thick cocoon inside, since every day countless times and strain formation action. Flash hand cocoon and injury (source: FOMOS) for StarCraft 2 occupation athletes, body pain often lead to practice, they are very much like traditional sports athletes, for grades of high strength training, so leave a scar. Interestingly, many news leaked injuries are the basic Terran occupation player, and game player will also be referred to as the "Terran broken hand man.相关的主题文章: