Oral mother with my son eat banquet, home children with erythema ratatouille

Oral: mother with my son eat banquet, home children with erythema public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! My husband and I were married for 12 years, after four years of marriage had a baby son, nature is particularly fond of, that baby son have a headache and slight fever. Now the son is 8 years old, on the third grade primary school, grade or class of the top three, is the son of my pride, my husband and I are now trying to save money, prepare for the future for his son to study abroad. Although very loving mother on the sun, but the way is always wrong, and I have a lot of differences as her child education, every time for children quarrel endlessly, so the law relationship has been tense. My husband is standing on my side, he does not quite agree with the doting mother of children. For example, my son love to drink every day, her mother gave him to buy three or four bottles of coke, the coke is as water to drink, I told her mother that carbonated drinks are very harmful to children’s teeth, drink many teeth are bad, but her mother-in-law didn’t listen, I think how can drink a coke Big deal, his teeth drink, no matter how I would explain her grandson quietly to buy cola drink. There is one thing, the son is in school classmate, mother-in-law to school to play the family, this is not the end, actually also found son students at home, in the home for a while and yell while lying on the ground up, scared people hurried to call the teacher, let the teacher contact me, and then I took a taxi to the son of her mother to return home to the students. One thing happening this month is September 16th day let me angry, mother-in-law there relatives married my son to eat them, Mid Autumn Festival holiday, mother to bring the child to go to when I think about it. The back of the one in the afternoon, the son flushed, arms and legs on the neck are all large erythema, there are a lot of alcohol on the body. I just think the child is not drinking, I asked her, she said, drank half a bottle of wine, I was accosted her, the child was 8 years old, how can you let him drink? Mother said to drink wine, ah, did not expect to drink after it will become so ah, there is a teenage boy on the table also did not see anything. I took the child to the hospital, so a small child to drink, it is certainly alcoholism, her mother is too careless, the child is so she was completely wrong. Fortunately, the child eventually nothing serious, otherwise I really want to discuss with her mother-in-law, since then I do not want her to take the child to any place. The source (meow Xiaoqian blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: