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Business With the widespread increase in quality time spent online, it’s vital for fitness professionals to consider the internet a large part of their personal training marketing plan. There is a wealth of methods that do a good job of drawing in and winning over potential customers online. Therefore, it would do a great deal of good to learn about as many marketing techniques as possible. This way, you can find out what works best for you in terms of your preferences and resources. Creating an advertising program that is not only successful, but enjoyable, will virtually guarantee a huge growth in your business. One of these many techniques that have proven to be of great success in personal trainer marketing is the use of lead-capture pages. Although it can seem that these sorts of pages are reserved for the selling of products online, they can actually be a tremendous asset in increasing your client-base. Basically the lead capture page (aka the squeeze page or landing page) is a .pletely separate page from your main website. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, there is an additional place for people to find you and your services, which greatly increases your potential audience. Second, it serves to start to build a trusting relationship with customers by creating a low pressure environment in which they can be.e acquainted with you. These separate pages do not sell anything. Instead, they offer free, useful information, in exchange for the viewer’s contact information. Therefore, you can use skills you already have while gaining credibility. As there is not even an option for purchasing anything on these sites, and the customer can get something of worth without any cost to them, they are much more likely to give out their information. By using this technique for your personal trainer marketing strategy, you are building a contact list of people who are already expressing interest in what you have to offer. Think about it. The number of people you .e into contact with on a day-to-day basis is very small when .pared to the number of people who go online everyday. Without needing to spend lots of time promoting yourself in-person, you can set up a lead capture page to do all the introduction work for you. This works time and time again for you; the only thing is that you have to set it up! Just one page. Although this personal trainer marketing tips is easy to do, the payoff will be huge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: