Petfirst Dog And Pet Insurance Review-bree daniels

Pets PetFirst Health Care for Dogs No dog owner wants to have to choose between their dog’s health and their wallets. PetFirst Health for Dogs goes a long way to making sure this decision will never have to be made. In addition to details about the levels of coverage available, PetFirst has a list of suggestions on how to keep your pet healthy and avoid at least some veterinary expenses. Such matters as ear cleaning, home dental care, and watching your dog’s weight are found here. PetFirst Health Care for Dogs, while covering many conditions, does exclude certain things. As is usual, pre-existing conditions are not covered by PetFirst. Cosmetic and elective surgeries and procedures, such as tail docking, ear cropping, special diets, and nail clipping are not covered. However, PetFirst carries a number of policies, and one of them will probably be right for your dog. PetFirst’s Basic Plan offers coverage for dogs from age 8 weeks up to 9 years. (A separate Senior Plan is available for dogs older than 10 years). The deductible for the Basic Plan is $50 with a 90% reimbursement. This plan provides $7,500 of coverage for accidents and illness, with a per incident limit of $1,500. Also covered, at least in part, are physical exams, vaccinations, and preventive care. Reward and advertising costs for a lost pet will provide you with $250 coverage, as will boarding fees at a kennel. The Basic Plan, for one dog, costs about $29.95 per month. The next level of care offered by PetFirst is the Preferred Plan. There is still a $50 deductible with 90% reimbursement, but now the illness and accident coverage has increased to $12,000. The per incident limit is now $2,500. Routine care coverage for physical exams, vaccinations, and preventive care have all increased as well, and routine maintenance and routine screens are now added. The single dog Preferred Plan policy now starts at $39.95 monthly. The Preferred Plus Plan is a plan that is especially useful for owners of purebred dogs. The illness and accident coverage is now $15,000, with $3,500 as the per incident limit. The deductible is still $50 with the same reimbursement rate of 90%. The routine maintenance rider includes dental cleaning, spay/neuter, health screening, and behavioral training. More benefits under this program include trip cancellation coverage, and burial or cremation. The Preferred Plus Plan begins at $49.95 per month. Coverage for the Accident Only Plan will provide accident coverage of $3,000, with a per accident limit of the same. This plan covers any age of dog and costs $16.95 per month. To file a claim with PetFirst Health Care for Dogs, it is necessary to supply them with a claim form that must be signed by your veterinarian. Your dog’s medical records for the treatment being claimed and for your dog’s previous year’s medical records must be included. This .pany will accept faxes only from your veterinarian. To submit a claim yourself, you must mail it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: