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Sales A machine is a device that transmits energy to perform any task. Machines normally require an input and transmit the energy to an output, which performs the desired task. Machine is a combination of two or more simple machines. These simple machines are the inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, levers and the wheel and axle. The simple machine is first invented by Ug and Home Lee. There are two types of machines, simple machines and compound machines. Compound machine is creating, when two or more simple machines work together. The compound machines are further created in sub categories. These categories are mechanical components, clocks, pumps, compressors, heat engines, linkages, turbine, airfoil, electronic machines, biological machines, wind tunnel, robot and vending machines. The major categories of the machines are mechanical machines, electronics machines and electrical machines. Mechanical machines are those that have only mechanical parts. These machines need not the electricity. Some of mechanical machines are wedge, pulley, lever, etc. Electrical machines are those machines that require electricity for working. Electrical machines are generator, dc machine, synchronous machine, induction motor and transformers. Electronic machines require electricity to perform the operation but these machines give better results. Some examples of electronic machines are computer, TV, mobile, voting machines and many others. Vending machines are the example of all of these categories like electrical machines, electronics machines and mechanical machines. Because some vending machines are electrical, some are mechanical and some are electronic. A vending machine is a machine that dispenses merchandise when a customer deposits sufficient money into a slot or vent to purchase the desired item. The vending machines are used for sale of various products. A machine is a combination of more than one simple machine. So machine features two or more than two of these features: Wheel and axle machine, a wheel is locked so that when one is turned the other also turn. Pulley is a machine, which simply reverses the direction of force. Wedge is a machine, which splits the motion of machine. Screw converts rotary motion in backward or forward direction. Lever is a rod, which shows downward motion at one end results upward motion on other end. If you want to know about the machines world and its total products then just log on the following web sites: ..sell-machine.. Here are great examples of all kind of machine. There are various categories depending on the machines parts. Basically it is .pletely done for you. Each and every machine parts are entirely discuss and their benefits, that’s is .pletely beneficial for you. Which you want means electronical or textile machines parts and its accessories are available in these web sites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: