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Motivation Sometimes, all you need to succeed in life is positivity. More specifically, positive attitude quotes. These are just little things you can carry around with you all day. Whether these quotes are in your head or written in your daily planner, they undoubtedly have strong inspirational power. Personally, my own daily planner is filled with positive attitude quotes Ive collected over the years. Some of them came from books, newspaper articles or from influential people. These quotes have helped shape most of my mornings for the better. Hopefully, these will have a positive effect on you, too. Positive Attitude Quote # 1: A man does not seek his luck, luck seeks its man. This proverb has been around for many years and has now been shortened to just make your own luck. I find this to be a very motivational quote because it encourages people to believe in themselves. It is no longer up to fate to determine what a persons cards are. If you find yourself a little under the weather at work, you have the power to change the rest of your day. Spilled coffee on your shirt? Treat yourself to a new shirt today. Or get yourself a real mug so you wont have to settle for those unstable Styrofoam cups. Do this to break the cycle and luck will find its way back to you. Positive Attitude Quote # 2: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Need I say more? This is one of the most basic inspirational quotes there is; and yet, people still find themselves struggling to follow it. Life may seem like a routine, but there are times when something unexpected lunges right in front of you and youre left with one big mess. Lets say you promised to pick something up from the post office this week. You postpone the trip (because hey, you can do it anytime, right?) and end up doing a bunch of different things instead. Before you know it, your boss sends you on a week-long assignment and your earlier task gets buried underneath it. Another week will fly by and the package remains unclaimed. When you did get the package after several days, you found that youve missed out on a very important event. See how procrastination can mess up your life? Thats why you need to take action now not next week, not tomorrow, not later. Positive Attitude Quote # 3: Footprints on the sand are not made by sitting down. This is one of my favorite quotes from Mahatma Gandhi. Everyone wants to make their mark in the world. However, you cant be idle and wait for things to happen. If you want to be promoted, do something positive that will get you noticed. Ask more questions. Give more suggestions that are sensible. The world is not perfect. Every now and then, youll find yourself in a pinch. But with these positive attitude quotes and tips, your chances for success are multiplied. 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