Postpartum women suffer domestic violence law said to the three obediences and the four virtues (vid-jiuyaogan

Postpartum women suffer domestic violence law said to William users – the three obediences and the four virtues recently broke the news that Lewis, Fujian Putian District, a mother to beat his wife soon just production, and get the baby. At the same time posted between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dialogue video, some views, such as "get married after going back home, the three obediences and the four virtues" is home to face "," you can only recognize our relatives"…… Let Xiaobian think they are living in the feudal society. The network posted a day caused tens of thousands of forwarding, the local police today (18) morning at about 10 notice: Zheng Moumou because of emotional and custody problems with her husband Yang conflict, which is accused of beating family. The police immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment of Zheng moumou. At present, the case is under further investigation. At present, due to the pressure of public opinion, the man found the mediator, the woman is asked to delete the online public opinion, then the child back to the maternal small (i.e., Zheng Moumou). Small family in order to successfully return to the child, the man also agreed to this condition, just learned that the child has returned to the mother’s arms. The afternoon of the 18 day 1 will hold the child back to the hospital, but the birth certificate does not come back, little father please women are negotiating in. The man said you can call their vaccination when they send back out again. Small family are angry, women also help in the mediation. Mother, small, and her husband Yang licensing 2 months of this year. Shortly after, small successful pregnancy, thought the happy marriage has a better. Her small points and boasted to marry the three obediences and the four virtues, he is one of her relatives other than their parents can occasionally visit, they are not allowed to contact the rest. Small can not accept, it is outrageous, her husband had no objection, small little resistance, it is the body. More chilling is that father mother not only did not discourage, sometimes even to help beat. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) women’s postpartum was traced to her mother-in-law said to marry after the three obediences and the four virtues of domestic violence

女子产后遭家暴 婆婆称要三从四德 近日,网友@威廉-路易斯爆料称,福建莆田涵江区一对母子殴打刚生产不久的妻子,并抱走孩子。同时贴出了婆婆与媳妇之间的对话视频,其中某些观点,例如“嫁人后要三从四德”、“回娘家就是给家里丢脸”、“你只能认我们这边的亲戚”……让小编以为自己还生活在封建社会。网贴一天之内引起上万转发,当地警方于今(18)日上午10点左右发布通告:郑某某因感情及抚养权问题同丈夫杨某发生矛盾,控告其被家人殴打。民警当即将郑某某送往医院治疗。目前,案件正在进一步调查当中。目前由于舆论压力,男方找到调解人,要求女方删除网上舆论,然后再把孩子还给产妇小分(即郑某某)。小分家人为了能顺利要回孩子,也同意男方这个条件,刚刚得知,小孩已经回到母亲怀抱。男方18日下午1点将小孩抱回医院,但是出生证明并没有还回来,小分父亲请妇联帮忙正在交涉中。男方说接种疫苗时可以打电话给他们,他们送过去用完再拿回去。小分家人都气愤不已,妇联也在帮忙调解中。产妇名叫小分,与丈夫小杨今年2月领证。领证后不久,小分便顺利怀孕,原以为幸福美满的婚姻却起了波澜。婆婆要求小分三从四德,并放言嫁了就是他家的人,娘家亲戚除了父母可以偶尔探望,其余一概不准往来。小分不能接受,令人气愤的是,丈夫对此毫无异议,小分稍有反抗,便是拳脚加身。更心寒的是,公公婆婆不仅没有劝阻,有时甚至上前帮手殴打。扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 女子产后被曝遭家暴 婆婆称嫁人后要三从四德相关的主题文章: