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.puters-and-Technology There are many different occasions that require the use of projectors. Projectors can be used to display images, powerpoint slides, or play videos. Therefore, projectors are often used by consumers for business and entertainment purposes, in a wide variety of occasions. Here are some examples of where the projector can be used. Business meetings. The conference room is where we most often see the projectors being used. Projectors are very useful for meetings because they can be easily connected to any personal .puter or laptop. Once connected, they can then be used to display whatever the laptop is displaying. It is very .mon these days to see business executives using projectors to display powerpoint slides, word docs, memos, and even video clips such as promotional videos. More tech savvy executives can even connect their laptops to the Internet and do a live video conference. The video is projected using the help of a projector so that everyone in the conference room can participate in the video conference. There are high end and low end models available. Low end models are more suitable for smaller rooms, and high end models are more suitable for larger meeting rooms. Trade shows. We also see projectors being used in trade shows. Often, projectors are required to display some promotional materials in a wide open area, such as an exhibition hall. Due to the vastness of exhibition halls, more powerful projectors are often required. If you are traveling to another country for a trade show, you may wish to rent a projector. Projector rental service providers may even provide screen rental services. This means that you do not have to go through the trouble of hauling heavy projector equipment half way across the globe. Weddings. Wedding is just an example of a social function that require the use of projectors. During a wedding function, projectors can be used to playback video clips for family and friends. Sometimes, several projectors may be required if the wedding venue is of substantial size. This is to ensure that all the guests will be able to view the video clips at the same time. If the wedding function is held in an outdoor venue, brighter projectors may be required. Try to to use anything below 2000 lumens. Private parties. Private parties may be just for a small group of guests such as close friends and family members. A class gathering may be considered a private party. For such events, since the crowd is small, only a small projector may be required. Anything from 1000 to 3000 lumens will do fine. During the function, the projector can be used to playback some high school video clips; or when the party dull, a fast action movie can be aired just to provide some entertainment for everyone. Projectors are fast an essential item in our lives. We find them in meeting rooms, in exhibition halls, and even in our living rooms. If you do not own one, perhaps it’s time to consider buying one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: