Promote ticket economy to the consumer economy transformation of Keqiao tourism commodity competitio-kimi wo omou melodi

Promote the ticket economy to a consumer economy announced the transformation of Keqiao tourism product competition results in September 18th, tourism center selection and promotion of Keqiao District Tourism gifts merchants issued "will be held in Narada, Xianheng Hotel, the last half of the tourism product competition officially entered the expert review stage, and released the results of the review. According to reports, this competition is an important attempt to Keqiao tourism industry from the ticket economy to the transformation of the consumer economy. Tourism commodity homogenization of creative innovation is imperative in store, a bunch of horns spread on the ground, next to the teacher are lathe grinding horn comb, the tourists crowd standing by twos and threes, half an hour in the shop, no tourists to buy. This is my last year in Shaoxing, a scenic spot on the commercial street. I have asked the boss now how’s business, say a year than a year, because this country scenic horn comb shop more and more, so the tourism commodities have been difficult to hook savvy travelers desire to buy. "Tourists are not without money, but there is no desire and impulse to attract tourists." Ruan Chunping, who has been working as a tour guide for 7 years. In the Ke Yan area more than and 40 operating households, nearly more than and 20 are operating products, sales of goods are dried vegetables, Yellow Wine, Stinky tofu, sweet cake, homogenization phenomenon is serious, it is difficult to stimulate the tourists consumption desire. Horn comb, dragon candy…… From Yiwu to Hunan called embroidery, embroidery, embroidery in Suzhou called, these goods are filled with the major scenic spots, few tourists make things bright spots, travel ticket revenue has always occupied the bulk of revenue, everywhere to seek a breakthrough. In the spring of this year, Keqiao District launched the "China Textile City Cup" Keqiao tourism product design competition, aimed at breaking. Organized tourism product competition full harvest surprise "Chinese Textile City Cup" Keqiao tourism product design competition started since March 15th, has received more than 100 pieces of the goods, the organizing committee has selected from the works of 40 finalists network voting. Sauce, vinegar and tea, is a very old entries to the characteristics of Shaoxing fans, also reflected Chinese Textile City scarves, scarves, fabric elements, and some high technology content, creative works, is bright. This time the "geek bridge" UAV, chosen by the Keqiao economic development zone is located in Hangzhou Electric appliance. Compared to Xinjiang UAV, the bridge geek leader Hu Kefei believes that they have the advantage of the UAV to operate their simple, cost-effective, suitable for the vast majority of non professional use, is a tourist resort to the perspective of god records, increase tourism experience, promote the sharing of excellent tourism tourist commodities. Red Net – Yellow Wine popsicles this summer also came to the competition. One of the three Shaoxing Yellow Wine popsicle brand "painting, Xuan" brought Yellow Wine popsicle, Yellow Wine tea competition. "From the beginning of June to August, almost every day to sell hundreds Yellow Wine popsicle, each 6 yuan." Drawing, founder of Xuan Wu Hui told reporters, in order to make Yellow Wine derivatives can better go out now, Yellow Wine popsicle can synchronize online and offline sales. In addition.相关的主题文章: