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Qinghai Golmud for the real poverty is expected by the end of all – the new network for poverty Wang Junlin dry wolfberry. Zhang Tianfu photo Beijing, Qinghai, Golmud 14 October Xinhua: Qinghai Golmud open way to achieve an antidote against the disease urged the overall poverty author Sun Rui Zhang Tianfu in October, is located in Chinese cornucopia Qaidam Basin in South Central Golmud City, golden leaves, autumn is thick. In Golmud City, Guo Lemu de town in the village of poor households to the house of Wang Junlin, the king of the old man is holding the pot for chicken feed. Wang Junlin is a careful person, this group of "hard" chicken as "baby", he buy chicken feed, but also mixed with chopped leaves collocation of feeding. Golmud city of the two areas are not connected with each other in the south central and Tanggula Mountain Area of Qaidam Basin, a total area of nearly 120 thousand square kilometers, there are more than 30 ethnic Han, Tibetan, Mongolia, back. Golmud mayor Wu Tianxiao said at the first meeting of the day prior to the convening of the fourteenth Municipal People’s Congress, "not to break Kroraina eventually not also" firm determination and strong will to realize the overall poverty in 2017 2016, to ensure the realization of comprehensive poverty alleviation, consolidate and improve the target, lay the precise poverty alleviation war, improving people’s livelihood a protracted war, weaving prison livelihood "Wangde", do, really help the poor out of poverty. Seven years ago, because of bone hyperplasia, the pillar of the family Wang Junlin lying in bed, unable to move, although can walk around the doctor, but still fell lame. He said at the time, the village people are trying to make money, "a bit envious, you can do nothing." As in the village of poor households, this year the linking point helping not only brought Wang Junlin 120 hens, helped build 50 square meters of the house, but also to pull a chicken coop, at the same time, he also provides 5 acres of wolfberry seedlings grew well, now. "I raise chickens, not only exercise, but also income. Now the chicken has started to lay eggs, sometimes one day to more than and 90, I will bring to the market to sell." Wang Junlin is now the new industry’s own satisfaction. The Wang Junlin family five people, eight year old father was lying in bed, the son is not working well, they are still in school. Now, Wang Junlin’s wife not only be included in ecological protection, the relevant formalities for entry and son was also part of the job, there is a monthly income of 3000 yuan. In the village Party branch secretary Niu Jinbao introduction, now more than 1000 households in the village, like Wang Junlin’s poor households and 31 households, each household after investigation, found that due to disability, illness, and because no labor is the main reason for the poverty of the government, an antidote against the disease, precise measures and policies on medical assistance, development of aquaculture, seek occupation, reconstruction, guaranteeing the fallback of specific measures. Niu Jinbao said, like Wang Junlin home grown wolfberry, general times, per acre income of ten thousand yuan a year is not a problem, in addition, many local villagers still have catering and tourism business. We Golmud poverty this year, all out of poverty is not a problem." Zhao Jun, deputy director of the Golmud Municipal Bureau of agriculture, animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and development. Zhao Jun)相关的主题文章: