Quantitative fund protracted war is expected to outperform the second half of the market-whereisip

Quantitative fund protracted war is expected to outperform the market in the second half of the fund exposure platform Sina: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter intern reporter Jiang Qinshi recently, is a small minority of the quantitative funds are paid more and more attention. However, according to Wind statistics, since this year, the overall situation, the performance of the quantitative fund is still dull, in 66 active partial shares of the fund, there are 24 positive gains, the rate of return of the fund is negative for the 41. The A-share market scattered A, trading frequency and other characteristics to quantify the fund provides the opportunity to obtain excess returns, analysts believe that the second half of the fund is expected to outperform the market. Quantitative long-distance running has the advantage according to Wind data statistics, there are currently 90 public offering of the fund to quantify the fund this year, the public offering of the market to set up a total of only 21 quantitative fund. From this point of view, to quantify the overall performance of the fund in the flat, 66 active partial shares of quantitative funds, there are 24 positive earnings, 41 fund yields this year is negative; in all quantitative funds, this year only 9 of the rate of return is greater than 5%. As of August 26th, a jinhexin multi factor quantitative performance with 19.7% of the top, followed by China Merchants to quantify selection, ranked second with a growth rate of 9.3%. Meanwhile, this year the worst performance of the fund has been a loss of 25%. Although the overall situation is dull, but in the eyes of many people in the industry, the domestic A-share market is still very suitable for the development of A fund. China Merchants Securities analyst Gu Zhengyang believes that the A stock market from the point of view, good liquidity, industry stocks differentiation characteristics conducive to large quantitative investment; secondly, A stock market leading retail situation is more obvious, prone to irrational pricing, these are to obtain excess returns of local quantitative investment. Liu Jia, chief analyst at select Yue said, A shares scattered City, trading high frequency, design defects can be quantified to fund the program arbitrage, big data processing to provide excess returns. Gu Zhengyang analysis, part of the reasons for the poor income of the fund to quantify the impact of the market environment. Affected by the beginning of the fuse, the majority of partial shares of the direction of the fund suffered greater losses, has not yet returned to positive results. Quantitative stock fund is no exception, but the relative rankings, most quantitative funds are in similar optimal level. Chong Jin, Cheng Zhitian, director of quantitative investment department believes that the advantages of quantitative funds actually lies in long-distance running. Wind data show that as of August 29, 2016, the average yield of nearly three years to quantify the fund was about $94.15%, much higher than the average increase in the same period of ordinary shares based on the average of a lot of long run type of quantitative fund performance is better than the other 53.17%. The effectiveness of the model is the key to quantify the number of funds through the calculation of the model to find investment opportunities, the goal is to obtain excess returns. In fact, the core of quantitative investment is based on the characteristics of the market, the design of a good investment model. Liu Jia said that the decision to quantify the effectiveness of the fund investment strategy is that the effectiveness and applicability of the model is the key. However, in the theory of quantitative fund相关的主题文章: