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Rongshui Laojun hole cement floor excavation found suspension heritage area reform plans for the old photos of Laojun hole panorama. (picture) nanguojinbao Liuzhou news (reporter Wang Jian) "the immortal rock really enjoy the best in all the land" reputation of the Laojun hole, is a Rongshui Miao Autonomous County heritage places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Recently, the development of the tourist attractions of the project refers to the construction is not standardized, threatening the safety of underground cultural relics. Rongshui county Party Committee Propaganda Department briefing yesterday, because the cultural relics discovered buried, construction has been suspended, the report has superior departments of cultural relics. Laojun hole ancient Xiaer, literati title a lot, the times had "cliff wall, stele forest". But from the beginning of 30s, these artifacts for various reasons: in 1937, at the time of the repeated destruction of Military Department of war industry because of the war needs to be moved to the forty-first Arsenal, stone removed part of last century in 60s, disappear without a trace; the cave again changed to the workshop, a lot of moment and monument was smashed into the ground, built into the building foundation platform type. Laojun cave, "all the best in all the land is true fairy rock" era cliff, have very high historical and artistic value. In 1963, the true rock carving was announced as the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region cultural relics protection unit. At present, the Declaration "Laojun hole related work has been in the planning of national security. To further improve the Laojun hole tourism infrastructure, give full play to its cultural value is inevitable. Figure for the remaining inscriptions found in September 20th china. Correspondent Zhang Yaohua photo Rongshui County Propaganda Department informed that: 2016, Laojun hole tourism development is considered as one of the national tourism project preferred Rongshui Miao nationality cultural tourism style garden project. Taking into account the Laojun hole is the regional level cultural relics protection units and as far as possible to restore the original appearance of the Laojun hole, the county has organized on behalf of melting state Town Cultural Association experts seminar, decided from cultural relics protection development perspective in accordance with the Song Dynasty style building, to ensure that the scenic spots and cultural relics is not damaged. In this regard, the county also reported to the Bureau of cultural relics. Earlier this month, the construction side of the cement floor surface excavation work started. The cement floor is laid early built Arsenal, has a total area of more than 4 thousand square meters, the county National Museum staff on-site guidance on the work process. In September 20th two, the remnants of inscriptions was found in the construction, after cleaning to be delivered from oppression". In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics such as Laojun hole stone, at present the cement surface Ping excavation work has been temporarily suspended, Rongshui County Culture and Sports Bureau of press and publication to the cultural relics department report also found canbei. The cultural relics department to remind, without permission, no unit or individual is allowed to enter the work area; because of limited manpower, not outside of the reception of cultural relics excavation work; cement floor after recovery, welcome media tracking reports. Laojun cave platform has been dug around the pit, the excavation of cultural relics buried, is likely to be destroyed. News review: Rongshui Laojun hole was two times the new inscriptions destruction threat County wide Bureau said has halted construction area, will properly handle the nanguojinbao reporter Wang Jianwen   reporter Zhang Cunli.相关的主题文章: