Scenery elsewhere, why Wu Hai – Sohu travel cagliari exchange

The scenery elsewhere, why the Wuxuhai Sohu I go mountain tourism is empty all the birds in the opposite direction of extreme I was turned by his earthly hiding down from ambiguous words and deeds when the shortcut I omit the pilgrims in a drop of nectar in it is not thorough insight, sea so, the locals call it Haizi, children of the sea! Lying quietly in the mountains, or thousands of years, or hundreds of millions of years, placid, everlasting. Until more than and 80 years ago, the man whose name is Rock, follow the colts, starting from Lijiang, over the mountains, through the woods, across the stream, until met it, just stay. Rock is here, quietly in a daze, quietly dreaming. Crazy or Rock, not wake up, hurry with the camera, has not included with dust graceful, eager to turn away, Wuxuhai so across the seas, in the "National Geographic", leaving a blurred figure like faye. Dongrejibu into stone, continued to look up at the sky, the eternal watch lovers home. Long before Rock arrived here, he was living in the sea, which was said to be a beautiful fairy. She and Haizi across the burly Dongrejibu mountain, is a pair of lovers, the forest people, every year to burn incense and sacrifice, they are responsive, take care of every creature on this land. One day, Dongrejibu should mount Gongga invited a drink. Peep at the old two dragons here, take the opportunity to snatch the sea. Are generally good fight but bad fairy naturally fight the dragon, was robbed of land of fairies, finally only reluctantly abandoned sea, returns to heaven. The revelry of the Dongrejibu back, see the forest in a mess, the crystal clear seawater, had become stale, and that the sweetheart has also been the Dragon away, it is not hit a gas, he pulled out of a magic weapon without demur, conch from the waist into the water (Tibet in many temples conch Temple in the town treasure, and do not know whether this is related). A white snail into the water, and then launched the two dragon fierce struggle, little and dainty white snail but Yuezhanyueyong, eventually, two dragon arrived at the bottom of the dead, so that it is not two, but not in. It is said that until today, every night, two dragons will wailing wail, and when the weather, on the shore and watch, also can see the two as if it is cruising in the white conch. A pair of lovers, not together, become a friend of indestructible and thus eternal watch; and never abandon, never opening phrase, even acrimony. Wuxuhai, a large number of lakes on the plateau, in fact, commonplace, even many lakes in Gongga Wei peak, also slightly more common. But around it around the zigzag mountain, across the valley of the towering trees formed between the forest primeval forest, meadow, meadow quiet grazing cattle, flutter Usnea, the land is sewing up a piece of clothes of dream. The sky crane, lend me a相关的主题文章: