[see] Liao brother said not serious girl! He started to the northeast.-yuanjiao

[see] Liao brother said not serious girl! Actually for the northeast people start on Monday September 26th, no job, just want to hurry to the motherland mother’s birthday. On Friday, brother still with the discussion about wearing long johns. Did not want a new round of diving cooling down tonight! Daliaohe sister-in-law felt cool very good, because no longer cool, she bought new clothes she don’t love #… Why women always say they have no clothes to wear # brother also feel very good, cool! No, it’s not! You one by one day I take you, you take the money, to travel, to barbecue, go to wave! This is honest, the rain, the rain with mud, with no jacket! Plan eleven holiday travel friends remember to pay attention to the weather, after all the friends of the south in the sun in a show, we will be in the north in mink, rush to the autumn autumn fat can finally use clothes to cover! Brother pinch refers to a count, there is a month in Shenyang heating, but this year’s winter may be colder than last year, more…… More cold…… More cold…… According to the China Weather Network reported, at present, the central and eastern equatorial Pacific has entered the state of La Nina, may develop into a La Nina event, and one of the impact on the climate in China is caused by cold, prone to cold winter. What is the La Nina? La Nina (La Niñ a), is a Spanish means "little girl", also called "anti El Nino phenomenon. The low SST anomalies in the equatorial eastern Pacific Ocean, resulting in abnormal atmospheric circulation. Simply speaking, La Nina will lead to China’s summer heat, winter cold. It’s not a serious little girl. Brother wanted to know who gave the typhoon, the name of a cold, so enchanting. @ Xi Hui: not in the summer heat in the winter freeze faint cry, let us feel the "La Nina" the little girl’s cold! @humphrey he heard the first reaction: why is not cool clothes: @Haru_____Haru blows my pride @ Northeast: avoid indulgence without heating or boyfriend I choose to wear long johns @ a year old many sister Z: I would like to buy buy buy buy quilt jacket scarf cotton socks to cap trousers anyway in autumn, winter be far behind? Let’s prepare for the winter artifact! Lei Feng hat warm performance nature is underlined, but don’t think Lei Feng hat up trend degree rustic, not a bit worse! New York fashion week! Don’t talk nonsense in the military coat, coat the rough and wild northeast man are perfectly rendered out! Of course, the main reason is to rely on the face. Your mittens to convenient and flexible, a single thumb fingertip space. In order to keep warm, the other four fingers a space. There is a rope, not lost on the neck. The wind was the wind, nursing belly, leggings, knee pads, electricbicycle good partner, also can choose a variety of colors, you are the most beautiful scenery in winter. Brother with years of experience, the autumn in Shenyang is often invisible, maybe one day under the snow, winter artifact quickly ready for it! Tonight, a large temperature drop, the object of friction (hand) heating, no object to wear more clothes. Why girls always say they have no clothes to wear相关的主题文章: