Shanghai girl escape meal poke in the city of nostalgia

"The girl fled meal" poke in the city nostalgic in the original title: "girls escape city nostalgia -" the girl fled observers meal "plot to" equal "practical marriage and class curing the essence of rice" poke, so many "struggle for 18 years in the city to drink coffee" and "Phoenix man" who is contusion, they try to flow, but was turned back into depression. A fictional plot or net posts, has prompted a flurry of interest to waves. The Spring Festival Shuabing "Shanghai girl with her boyfriend back to the village of Jiangxi new year see the first meal break event, now has such magic," the new material "frequently emerge, it did not receive the heat of public opinion as the Spring Festival holiday" fever "after Jiangxi sent a letter to the girl:" Shanghai girl "for rural areas in Jiangxi after the rectification, Shanghai local media published the day before a" let the Shanghai girl ", as the heat add a fire. Public opinion and, several parties on the pinch, but hard to change the event to doubt the authenticity of the background source: whether it is thin, is the marketing network God against suspects, including the table as being pulled out in 2013 had appeared in the network of "old", are cutting their credibility. It is such a story or topic, its effect also continued to have a fever, slobber boiled a pot of paste, it hit the pain point deep: essentially, when people talk about the topic, not deliberate that may not exist by the "Shanghai girl", but in the refers to the social phenomenon involved. Here, the "Shanghai peacock female" and "Jiangxi Phoenix man (born in rural areas in the development of the city’s men)" label, but also from different identity specific individual metaphor, is a dramatic conflict in order to support the gap between urban and rural areas, marriage and family relationship of these controversial and create a realistic proposition. In the end, it really touched a lot of people especially the "Phoenix man" in the homeland in a complex. For many in the Phoenix man is a typical born rural people, a complicated word is home, they also have a complex and contradictory feelings of Hometown: on the one hand, enjoy the modern life style coffee, flush toilets and Wifi immersed in them, and do not want to relive the rural life of poor material, they to "go upwards" Yue Longmen posture, to fight off the aqua Tuzao infection of bitterness and implantation of smallholder idea customs; on the other hand, it is attached to the "home" two words on the geographical closeness, and let them hold on "hometown barren scar" sketch. As some people say, "hometown is like our first love.". If love is wind and frost will not affect our wholesale, the beginning of the heart. My hometown is again broken, does not prevent a lot of people at home to express the direction of nostalgia: for them, the home is not just on account of the "origin" of the column names, is the origin of identity check. So they will not rural romantic sense of nostalgia, given its aesthetic features of many ancient Atsumi, is in the face of the depressed at the same time with "hometown one day called eight times did not let others scold her exclusive mentality. And that "Shanghai girl" in the net post plot set, ruthless 4

“上海女孩逃饭”戳中了城市里的乡愁   原标题:“上海女孩逃饭”戳中了城市里的乡愁   ■ 观察家   “上海女孩逃饭”的剧情设定指向“门当户对”实用婚姻观和阶层固化的本质,让不少“奋斗了18年才在城里喝上咖啡”的“凤凰男”们备受挫伤,他们努力向上流动,却被出身拽回了洼地。   一个或属虚构的网帖桥段,激起了一阵至今难息的波澜。刷屏了整个春节的“上海女孩跟江西男友回村过年见第一顿饭就分手”事件,眼下就呈现着这样的魔力,“新料”的频密涌现,令其舆情热度并未随着春节收假而“退烧”:继江西女孩致信“上海女孩”为江西农村正名后,上海本地媒体日前刊出的一篇《放开那个上海女孩》,为其热度再添一把火。   舆论扰攘,几方对掐,却难改事件真实性存疑的背景:无论是信源单薄,还是被网络大神指证的营销嫌疑,包括那张餐桌照被扒出系2013年就曾现身网络的“老图”,都在削减着其可信度。可就是这么一个或属编造的故事,其话题效应持续发烧,还把口水熬成一锅糨糊,可见它击中的痛点之深:本质上,当人们讨论该话题时,醉翁之意不在揪着那个兴许不存在的“上海女孩”,而在于其指涉的社会现象。   在这里,“上海孔雀女”与“江西凤凰男(出身于农村在城市发展的男士)”的标签,其实也是脱离了具体个体的歧异身份隐喻,是为了支撑城乡差距、婚姻与家境关系这些现实命题争议性而营造的戏剧性冲突。到头来,这也确实触碰到了很多人尤其是“凤凰男”寓于复杂的故乡情结中的隐痛。   对许多以凤凰男为典型的出身农村的人来说,故乡是个繁复的词眼,他们对故乡也有种复杂而矛盾的情愫:一方面,享受着被咖啡、冲水马桶和Wifi浸入的现代生活方式的他们,并不愿重温物质贫瘠的农村生活,他们以“人往高处走”的跃龙门姿势,奋力摆脱旱厕土灶熏染的苦日子和植入小农观念的陋俗;可另一方面,寄附在“故乡”二字上的地缘亲近感,又让他们容不下对故乡贫瘠的“揭伤疤”式素描。   就像有些人说的:故乡犹如我们的初恋。就算初恋被风霜摧残,也不会影响我们批发初心。故乡再破,也不妨碍很多人对着家乡的方向抒发乡愁:对他们来说,故乡不只是户口本上“籍贯”栏的那个地名,更是出身认同的寄放之所。所以他们不是将乡愁意义上的农村浪漫化,赋予其诸多古朴淳美的审美特征,就是在正视家乡凋敝的同时怀揣着“自己一天骂八遍却不许别人骂她”的独享心态。   而那个“上海女孩”在网帖的剧情设定中,就狠狠戳中了很多人这矛盾的心结:那种黑乎乎的菜和暗黄的灯光,以“揭丑”方式破坏了某些人眼中的乡村美学;更重要的,是其逃饭行为指向的“门当户对”实用婚姻观和阶层固化的本质,让不少“奋斗了18年才在城里喝上咖啡”的“凤凰男”们备受挫伤,他们努力向上流动,却被出身拽回了洼地。愤懑之下,骂那个虚妄的女孩“嫌贫”,也就成了很多人浇块垒的出口。   而要纾解“凤凰男”们的郁结,必然要诉诸某些制度性疗伤:这既需城市对农村反哺体系的完善,也需要在“人的城市化”过程中实现更具包容性的接纳,避免让他们陷入“城里容不下,村里受不了”的惶惑中。而之于那些在城里实现了身份属性切换的“凤凰男”,将这种郁结转化为“建设乡村”的动力,或许也是种积极的自我疗伤。   □仲鸣(媒体人) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: