Shanghai intermediary companies for the purchase of fake marriage to obtain the purchase qualificati oboni

Shanghai intermediary company for "false marriage" to obtain qualified buyers — real estate — original title for the purchase of Shanghai intermediary companies for property buyers to "false marriage" to get qualified buyers CNR net Shanghai on August 29th news (reporter Zhu Hongyuan) according to the China voice of "news" reported that in the commonly understood, marriage for love, but in the eyes of some unscrupulous intermediaries of marriage has become a business. Reporters recently visited the property market was found to help people deal with the purchase of false marriage, which has become the purchase of a secret Shanghai gray market. Some media reports have been done so far more than and 200 single, for a single fee will be charged to $5 to $100 thousand, the revenue is amazing. At present, these organizations have been fake marriage to create a mature industry chain". The property market continues to heat, Kita Kamihiro’s prices have been high, all over the country have introduced a restriction policy. Among them, the marital status is often stuck a lot of people purchase qualifications. But if you do not have to pay the social security of the marriage has not been proved, how to qualify for the purchase of housing, a housing agency staff may apply for false marriage. The so-called fake marriage, that is, through the intermediary to find someone to purchase real marriage certificate, which can qualify for the purchase, but also need to pay a certain fee to the intermediary and false marriage. Housing transactions after the end of the process, the two sides divorce, a staff member told reporters on the question of cost for fake marriage: "fifty thousand old, 100 thousand young, young cost relatively high point." In a company called Xiong education, the reporter found that this is an educational company on the surface, but in fact, a variety of false marriage business is an important source of profit for the company. In order to prove the strength of the company, the staff took a thick stack of marriage certificate, a rough count, enough to have more than 30. "This is a marriage certificate in two copies, Shanghai people in the pressure here, this is a true marriage certificate." Each district in Shanghai, they can find the object of fake marriage, fake marriage has become a complete chain here, "a total of 50 thousand blocks, the first pay 5000 deposit, married to pay 30 thousand, 15000 left behind, after the successful transfer to 5000, after the divorce to pay 5000." "False marriage" seems impeccable, but for those who attempt by the "false marriage" property buyers, not only need to bear the huge economic risk, "various disputes facing fake marriage" is more difficult to avoid. "False marriage" is a farce, it is dressed in the cloak of legitimacy, loopholes policy, what is the birth of a "false marriage" this farce? Shen Liang, Professor of East China University of political science and law school believes that seemingly unassailable fake marriage procedures, the agreement is not legal to speak: "in knowing each other in this case and to find the so-called service object itself illegal, the total profits of the final if verified by the intermediary company, shall be confiscated for the country, in violation of the" contract law "the legal principle of the most basic." The carrying capacity of the city is limited, many large相关的主题文章: