Shaoguan, a woman with a husband who asked for a divorce, agreed to continue to support (video) aptana studio

Shaoguan women’s schizophrenia divorce agreed to continue to support the Ukiyo-e – free love marriage and his wife in divorce – agreed to continue to support his wife several years of mental illness, Jiuzhibuyu, her husband wanted to divorce, but facing difficulties — not to leave, this illness has let the feelings of the couple exhausted; from the sick wife without self-care ability what should I do? 1996, the plaintiff Zhang Yang (a pseudonym, the same below) and the defendant Zhu Hongjing free love after registration of marriage, married with a daughter. Their life is full of happiness, but the child was born, his wife Zhang Yang gradually found that something is wrong: she often in a trance, mental state is not good, and the situation is increasingly serious. 2008, Zhang Yang took his wife to the hospital for treatment, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After the condition was diagnosed, Zhang Yang did not arrange his wife hospitalized, but has been taking medicine for her home treatment. In August 2015, Zhang Yang to marital affection on the grounds to the court, asked for a divorce, the court dismissed the petition. At the end of the same year, Zhang Yang sent his wife to a mental hospital hospitalization, mental status improved after his wife out of the hospital, so Zhang Yang think it has done to help duty, again to couples that have been broken and no reconciliation is possible on the grounds, petitioned the court to divorce. In court, Zhang Yang, Zhu Hong and her family court, Zhang Yang insisted on divorce, said Zhu Hong suffering from mental illness, he has repeatedly brought her treatment, but after long-term treatment and has not recovered in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the rupture of the judicial interpretation of the feelings of husband and wife, and the two sides could not communicate effectively and live together the relationship between husband and wife in name only. Zhu Hong and her parents who believe that husband and wife should be sick, stand together through storm and stress to each other, and Zhu Hong need more care and encouragement, and Zhu Hong’s mother died, his father nearly seventy years, and there is no source of income, simply can not take care of the mentally ill daughter, if hasty judgment to the plaintiff and the defendant will become a divorce. The hidden dangers of social stability. The so-called "hard", the judge considered that the case is not simple, case handling, starting from the maintenance of social stability, both parties benefit, so patiently do the interpretation of reasoning and court mediation. The judge repeatedly called Zhu Hong’s father and brothers and sisters and Zhang Yang to court, for a full explanation of legal issues involved in the case, and to remind the parties, the court’s decision is not a panacea, both sides need to resolve disputes of sincerity, mutual understanding and responsibility. Location: Shixing Shaoguan people’s court. Results: Zhang Yang said that after the divorce is willing to continue to assume the obligation to support and support for Zhu Hong, the daily life of the treatment and he is still responsible for him, after the divorce, the house has the right to live and use of the right to use the house after the divorce of the party, the person who is responsible for the use of the housing and the right to use the right to live in the house after the divorce. In this regard, Zhu Hong family also said to accept, the two sides signed a divorce mediation agreement under the mediation of the court, Zhang Yang and the dissolution of the marriage relationship between the. Zhu Hong: according to the illness, Zhang Yang repeatedly took her to hospital for treatment after rupture in accordance with the law the judicial interpretation of the provisions of the marriage, but the couple should throw down disease stand together through storm and stress to each other, the wife is not reasonable in the circumstances. In the end, Zhang Yang took the initiative to assume the "wife" to help and support marriage相关的主题文章: