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News-and-Society First, big bottom: 1. big base content simple saying are the use organic silicone or the produced silicone. (1) organic rubber: The organic silicone benefit can be found in its unusual smooth, the versatility is ideal, can suitable and in each type of activity, but the drawback also is very apparent that is not very wear-resisting. Inside game shoes multi-purpose organic silicone. 2. artificial synthetic rubbers are separated into wear-resistant silicone, green silicone, air silicone difficult silicone, difficult silicone, plus as well as silicone. (1) wear-resistant rubber: sturdiness and use level of resistance of use proof silicone is very excellent, very resilient, this silicone content usually used on the golf shoe outsole. (2) ecological security rubber: also known as regrind silicone, this silicone outsole with the most 10% of re-cycled silicone, mainly targeted at ecological security. (3) air rubber: silicone contains air, there is a certain amount of shake reduction, but I’m not very wear-resistant, use is not very extensive. (4) the difficult rubber: difficult silicone are recognized by excellent versatility, and very anti-slip, usually used on indoor trainers. (5) difficult rubber: firm silicone is the most extensive silicone outsole silicone content, challenging anti-slip and scratching level of resistance, uses organic is very wide. Multi-function shoes and golf ball shoes mostly use this type of silicone to end of bigger and more powerful. (6) plus as well as rubber: in an .mon silicone materials have added as well as, makes more challenging and wear-resistant silicone, shoes mostly use this type of silicone, and metacarpal aspect of fitness shoes feet will have the characters BRS noticeable to indicate that use plus as well as silicone outsole. 3. silicone hit the big bottom: This type of big base is unusual, this type of base raw content is the industry stick water, through the mixing machine frustration, the pot goes into the pattern warming development again, its feature is smooth moreover the unusual skid avoidance. Second, bottom: 1.present shoes the end I thought I did not say very many people also can know, that is in PHYLON the end, the end is most typical with EVA in. Actually two type of feet both are aspect of the identical feature classification namely (engineering plastic materials class), but why can have calls in the law different? PHYLON roots from US, in the first shoes the end all is known as PHYLON, certainly does not have in EVA in the end and PHYLON department of the end, afterwards along with the shoes item unceasing development, investigated and developed the manufacturer take Taiwan and South Korea’s some big brand shoes item as the source, a base name minute even more systematization, had in EVA which we said now the end. Below I on popular release under in EVA in base and PHYLON between base difference. Now shoes midsole PHYLON midsole are the most used, PHYLON greatest feature is the .pact, excellent versatility, excellent continual surprise, PHYLON is known as additional froth. EVA midsole is very mild, but continual surprise and versatile far behind PHYLON midsole, many more affordable than PHYLON, EVA midsole is termed as a foaming. They property is the same, but the name is different, PHYLON is the performance for different reasons was the second time foamed, and EVA is a froth. (1) one foam: hypodermic injection pattern content by warm after warmed shoe only casting, that is known as a froth only, which EVA shoes only. (2) additional foam: after the hypodermic injection pattern content, by twice shooting after warm warming shoes only casting, it is known as additional froth only, that is, we often say the PHYLON midsole. PHYLON smooth firmness is managed by heat range, in the middle of burning PHYLON midsole, the higher the heat range, PHYLON, the greater the solidity of the get rid of, is more .plicated. PHYLON smaller .anic fire used out, the more mild the more smooth, so assess the end of shoes cannot be calculated by weight or is the level of smooth and difficult. 2.PU: in addition to the PHYLON midsole and EVA only, PU midsole are also typical, PU only is the greatest advantage of versatility and sturdiness well. 3. the program late: now shoes in the built-in framework, also known as end of bundle. Like the T-MAC we all know sequence, Nike wind sequence are aspect of the program framework at the end of, the program from the appearance of the end of watching and vamp at the end of the two-part, but framework also outsole, only and upper includes three parts, just pack in uppers only inside. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: