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UnCategorized A business letter is an important way to .municate with a businessman or a .pany. It is important that you don’t write in the same way as you would write to your friends or relatives. A business should always be formal. Writing a business letter is relatively easy as long as you follow the necessary steps in doing it. Some things you will need are envelopes, printer, letterhead and .puter or laptop. 1. The first step for formal letter writing is typing your letter by making use of the word program in your .puter. Formal letters shouldn’t be handwritten. 2. The second step for formal letter writing is using a letterhead. However in case you do not have one then just use a clean bond paper or a stationery ( 8 inches by 11 inches). It should also have an envelope. It is not ideal to buy formal cards that already have notes on it. 3. The third step to formal letter writing is typing your name, .pany designation and your address if you don’t have a letterhead. This shall be on the first four lines after the letter’s heading. Then type the current date two lines below your details. 4. The fourth step to formal letter writingis maintaining one alignment for your letter. You can have it aligned to the left, justified or aligned on the two sides. 5. The fifth step to formal letter writing is skipping two spaces and then typing the .plete name of the letter’s recipient. Type the designation of the recipient and the address after that. These details should be aligned on the letter’s margin on the left. Make sure the name of the receiver should have Mr. or Ms. before it. 6. The sixth step is typing the greeting. This should by typed four spaces after the receiver’s address. You should still type the name of the receiver in a formal way, an example is "Dear Mrs. Claiborne:" . 7. The next step is typing the body of the letter. You type this two spaces after the greeting. The first thing you should type is an introduction about yourself particularly if you are unknown to the receiver. Then state the main reason for your letter. This can be to make known a .plaint, sell a product or requesting for information. The body should be concise. Make it short as much as possible. 8. The eight step is leaving two spaces and writing the conclusion. You can do this by typing "Sincerely" or "Best wishes" then you type a .ma after. Then enter four spaces more where you will put your own signature. Skip one space then add your .plete name. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: