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"Sister sister" Lu Qian tea exquisite heart warming people upgrade – Lu Qian played Song Xialan Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news media produced by female flute, directed by Xu Zongzheng, Siqin Gaowa, Yan Yi wide Lu Qian, starring in the epic drama "sister sister" is Anhui TV dolphin theatre hot broadcast. The play is set in a chaotic China, tells the story of the legendary story of Yunnan merchants Song Haijing and three daughters could make thousands of Xin outstanding famous "exquisite tribute". At the same time, the play is also the focus of the Guqiu countries hate, pure sadomasochistic elements. Actor Lu Qian plays the song at miss Song Xialan in the drama, a gentle gentle, considerate but brave kind of beauty. Lu Qianlian tea tea heart pure excellence "sister sister" in the new drama, drama is the climax, representing the family honor and status of tea tea Congress has been kicked off, to the song can swoop, Song Xialan and her sister began refining tea retreat life. Every deployment, every time the water, Song Xialan are taken seriously, did not dare to slack. She produced tea with a world facing complex and simple regression of the heart, because she knew that tea refining must have a pure heart. In the face of such Song Xialan, the audience said: a person heart is pure, so she is not beautiful. Lu Qian stolen forgive three sister was real because of good warm punishment do wrong be xialan not let go, only her gentle and three sister vexatious pay, to find her sister Disasters pile up on one another., two thieves, to patrol mission staff Lu Shaoyi’s help to recover the purse, and that the theft of the truth. Is to see grandma, xialan choose to forgive, do not ask, her good move also let many of the audience said in the cold early winter harvest warm touch. In the latest episode of the song, the audience into upgrading LAN Xia people, "kindly cry" concept of drama. The jailed song how to turn things around, what choice the gentle sister rescued Song Xialan, more exciting every night at 7:35 Anhui TV dolphin theatre.   相关的主题文章: