SNK by the IP strategy to force China’s first appearance after the rebirth of the king of fighters 1 pgd-426

SNK by IP China KOF 14 strategic force reborn after the debut of the game recently, a victory by SNK authorization, will create a "SNK all star" mobile game news into public view, caused a lot of hot. This is not the last two years, we first saw the news about the SNK authorized IP, but so centralized packaged type of authorization should be the first time. Many people may have the same confusion, the former "king of Fighters" is now down to only rely on selling IP to survive it? Out of curiosity, the author of the SNK business in recent years to verify the situation and found that things do not seem to be as before the public opinion. From the "wrong" to return to the old SNK speaking the legendary Japanese game company, we certainly will not be unfamiliar. At that time ignorant captured the arcade, SNK has created a series of "the king of Fighters", "samurai" series, "metal slug" series many indelible classics masterpiece, has won countless fans. However, with the advance of technology change, as well as poor management and other reasons, SNK gradually fell into the trough. Last year, a news that has been silent for a long time veteran game company re entered the public view China – August 6, 2015, China Oriental Star Hui company mergers and acquisitions Fund (Orient Securities subsidiary) joint suburfarm 37, joint acquisition of the famous Japanese game company SNK Playmore (the company in 2016 after it was renamed SNK). So far, SNK officially became a game company with Chinese background. Then, after the acquisition of SNK announced a major business strategy adjustments: will be fully withdraw from the market. SNK announced a comprehensive exit of Pachinko will focus on brother, host computer, mobile phone game market of Pachinko brother, many people may have heard, but should not really understand, contact. It is essentially a kind of gambling with the nature of the game, the latter due to the excellent growth of profitability, has developed into a legitimate entertainment industry in japan. SNK due to a few years ago, the problem of capital management, and gradually put some of his energy into the market, the early years also considered lucrative. SNK was acquired for the first time after the business adjustment is fully cut Pachinko brother business, is not difficult to speculate, was acquired by SNK in the financial situation is indeed better, at least not before a stretched; on the other hand, to love SNK game with friends, maybe it is a good news. At least, non main business cut would enable SNK to have enough time and energy to focus on the game development of the main business here, "the king of fighters 14" is a case in point. The rebirth of the first show after as of August 2016, SNK’s "KOF" series sequel: "the king of fighters 14" global officially on sale. As the first show after SNK’s rebirth, how was it? "The king of fighters 14" is the first time that SNK uses the full 3D model, while adding a new character, making the number of up to 50 people. It is precisely because the first 2D to 3D, the domestic media and players are not very optimistic about the prospects. But after the game, many players still on the game.相关的主题文章: