SOE reform of the first anniversary of the introduction of a number of policies designed to start la

SOE reform introduced a number of top-level design annual policy landing "has shown signs of effectiveness of SOE reform 12 sample" conference China financial network September 15th news (reporter Wang Bin) in September 13th, when the CPC Central Committee and the State Council "guidance" on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises announced an anniversary. Over the past year, a number of state-owned enterprise reform policies and measures landing, and achieved some success. The same day, the SASAC News Center, Chinese economic press, the report magazine held "12 state-owned enterprise reform" sample book conference and forum of experts, through the typical case launched the reform of state-owned enterprises, to provide the experience for the reform of state-owned enterprises around. The first anniversary of the first anniversary of the first anniversary of the design is understood, since the introduction of the guidance of SOE reform, the central enterprises from the end of 2012 to adjust the current 104 to 115. Various provinces and municipalities and the central enterprises to develop a total of 394 state-owned enterprise reform document issued by the state owned enterprises to start the reform of the pilot of the 147, there have been 50 pilot results achieved by the stage. In addition, there are 17 provinces to carry out the classification of state-owned enterprises, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises have more than 80% of the equity of central enterprises owned enterprises diversification ratio has reached 67.7%, further change of the enterprise management mechanism. In terms of decentralization, the SASAC has canceled 21 regulatory matters, the abolition of 139 policy documents, the provincial SASAC canceled decentralization 462 approval. Peng Huagang said, at present, the reform of state-owned enterprises "1+N" series of documents has been basically completed, fundamental policy has been clear, will continue to move forward. SOE reform 12 samples of concern in this year, a number of media on the state owned assets supervision departments of the 5 provinces, the reform of the central enterprises and the local state-owned enterprises of the 4 centralized and detailed reports on the situation in August. This series of reports called the 12 sample of SOE reform, has received widespread concern in the community. SASAC Deputy Secretary General Peng Huagang pointed out: SOE reform 12 sample covers a number of typical cases in the field of reform, is a living sample and teaching materials, it is worth learning and reference. State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission Secretary Lu Weidong said that the reform of state-owned enterprises is a systematic project, to learn from the 12 samples of nutrition, to explore the regularity of things, learn from the methods to solve the problem. The next step will give full play to the exemplary role of a good sample to enlarge the influence of the radiation force of 12 samples. "Expert advice for the reform of state-owned enterprises on 12 samples including the reform of state-owned enterprises in Guangdong province". Guangdong province SASAC director Li Cheng introduction, Guangdong through the four "outstanding" focus on Force: highlight the system deployment, to promote the "guidance" and its supporting documents to implement; outstanding pilot, promote 50 two or three enterprise system and mechanism innovation; outstanding demonstration lead, the state-owned enterprises to promote the supply side structural reform; innovation of the system to promote the innovation and development of state-owned enterprises. Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that one of the priorities of the reform of state-owned enterprises is classified. However, the classification is not the ultimate goal, through the classification, the use of different means of supervision in order to相关的主题文章: