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Advertising Alexa Rank shows the impotence of your website or blog. A higher Alexa Rank is beneficial while you are going to sell your site. Alexa Ranks are based on data collected by Alexa from internet users who have installed the Alexa Toolbar (its similar to other toolbars such as the Google Toolbar which you can install in your browser) plus other sources which Alexa hasnt disclosed. This other sources could be other toolbars with which Alexa has a tie-up and other sources. Do you have your own site and you want to improvise website rankings? For that, you need to understand some factors that may influence you website rank. Website ranking establishes the hierarchy of websites on a search engine. It is a procedure through which the search engines assign a ranking to your site as compared to others. There is a procedure through which the search engines determine the order of placing the websites in search results. You must follow some rules for placing your website on a better position: For ensuring higher ranks or to upgrade your site ranking, you must thoroughly research the content, find the keywords which you will emphasis on and present them appropriately. Fresh relevant content and keywords (which comprises of permutation and combination of what someone will write in a search-box) must be offered, so that the search engines associates your website with these keywords and allow clients to find the site conveniently. Recommendations for improving the rank also counts: providing keywords in different languages. Be Popular, be linked", goes the phrase! The more popular your site is, the more linked you are to other sites, consequently the more reachable you are! Link popularity can be raised by contacting other legal sites and asking for reciprocal links. These link building techniques contribute for your Site Rank Upgrade. Ads by Google When the search engine crawler visits the site for information, it looks at the HTML Meta Tags. These tags comprise of a suitable Title, description and relevant critical keywords. Site Rank Upgrade measures thus also include paying heed to these Meta tags. Essentially, you must target the most powerful keywords in title, place proper content in the description tag, and on the whole keep eyes on the number of characters being used. Another thumb rule is to provide different Meta tags to each page of your site so that the search engine indexes each page uniquely. Looking from the design perspective, the structure of the site, navigation flows and its URL should be simple. Navigational flow should be close to HTML standards as search engines cannot parse through them if they are using JavaScript or flash. Providing a Site Map can also contribute for Site Rank Upgrade. Always include a link of the Home Page, on every page of your web site. A very significant task which remains is to register your web site with the top search engines, professional and relevant organizations etc. You must submit to free search engines, paid search engines and directories. Site Rank Upgrade can also be done by keeping away from broken links (which basically mislead the crawler to dead ends), avoiding hyperlinks like "click here", not over-using the keywords, not bringing into play the comments tags as these tags were mistreated to commit keyword stuffing, not providing hidden contents.The article is provided by Hongxing company,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery Rock cone crusher , Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.Combination Mobile crushing station:..hxjq-crusher../10.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: