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UnCategorized For years, that’s exactly what most businesses would do. But as international business has become more common, our understanding of the nuances and cultural differences even among Spanish speaking peoples has grown. The Castilian dialects of Venezuela are far different from the Mexican Spanish dialects or even the highly Americanized Spanish spoken in America. Not only the language differs, but syntax, common idioms, and even literary allusions are markedly different from one region to another. On top of all this is the fact that the written voice is very often quite different from the oral language, making language translation a more complicated undertaking than ever before. There is no way that one or even two bilingual employees who spend a lot of time doing other tasks are the right choice for the important job of representing your company to Spanish speaking clients. If you are doing business in areas with several dialects of Spanish, a single untrained translator will soon find himself overwhelmed and you may soon find yourself out of business. Some businesses seek to use mechanical translation software, but the major drawbacks of doing so far outweigh the cost savings. Poorly translated, sometimes downright insulting, many of these Spanish translations have become legendary on the internet. The actual losses incurred by companies that have gone this route go far beyond the loss of business, because the loss of reputation sometimes takes years to overcome. The high degree of competition among international companies is legendary, and a company that skimps on its document translations is like an American business who skimps on customer service. It will soon find itself out of business. One of the most important ways to show your foreign clients that you value their business is with quality language translations. Communication is the single most important component of business-whether it is in telling others about your service or product, working to provide them with exactly what they want or need, or maintaining a good relationship after one business deal in order to insure that more will follow. Working with a professional translation service means that your will be presenting your company as one who cares enough to use the best Spanish translation for your client’s dialect and region. Whether it is a legal translation, a medical translation, technical translation, or a website localization presenting your services to a targeted area, your audience will receive a culturally relevant presentation that is grammatically correct all the way down to current idioms and references. Used to working together when needed, a professional staff will be able to provide quality translations even when time is critical. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: