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*ST B real Nanjing Paul shell is not reliable: what to do next year sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you *ST B falls Nanjing recently announced that you company to be publicly listed by Beijing equity exchange transfer of Beijing city Xicheng District Huai Cedar Street No. 11 II -201 -202, the two sets of real estate, listing price of not less than the value of the property assessment record. This column believes that relying on the real estate market to maintain the loss of eligibility is not reliable, this year, how to do next year? There is no denying that *ST Ning B 12 years ago to buy a set of real estate, profit after 12 years of 16 times, is indeed a good investment performance, if the year to buy more houses, may not be *ST". This column is not clear how much it can be sold in the future, do not rely on real estate revenue to ensure that a few years of positive profits. But rely on selling to keep the listing qualifications, is always. To tell the truth, *ST Nanjing B as a B only and no A shares of listed companies, is in an awkward position, because the "*ST" process, it may not be able to refinance, and the B-share market itself does not have the refinancing conditions. Because of the lost profit, there is no way to return to A shares, IPO shares in the A market; the transfer of H shares also seems impossible, although the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will not profit index ban companies listed on Hongkong stock market, but investors did not seem to subscribe for a loss making enterprises in the Hongkong stock market, after all, the stock loss is called Bibi. It is a concentration of the penny stock long-term loss of stock. *ST Nanjing B want to remove the *ST hat, and then make a profit for three consecutive years in the B-share market, and then transferred to the A shares or H shares continued listing, but it must not rely on to sell a house. Whether it is A shares or H shares, listed companies have to rely on the main business to attract investors to buy, simply by selling the house is not possible in the A-share market IPO A. You can be *ST, *ST Nanjing B funds will not too good, as a share company, to the ability of other financial institutions financing will not be too strong, so to get about 20000000 yuan in cash to sell perhaps not only can help *ST Nanjing B keep the listing qualifications, which is the important resource of the next two years remain profitable. This column argues that *ST Nanjing can B Phoenix, a key factor to see the about 20000000 yuan usage, if this about 20000000 yuan can make good use of it, for example, to invest in some mobile phone games, television drama and other direction, may not only be able to achieve good Zhaimao losses, but also because of the theme for the future landing A shares market to pave the way. Although the real shell is not reliable, but if access to funds can be used on the blade, the future is still promising. However, the next two years, the proceeds generated by about 20000000 yuan, can offset the loss of *ST Ning B main industry, there is still a lot of uncertainty. After all, the burden is overweight, comprehensive losses is very difficult. The most unfavorable factor is that it is not easy to restructure a B share company. Taking into account the business type of *ST Ning B相关的主题文章: