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Stunned! IT men 10 hours a day on the computer: the body becomes so much radiation on the human body is still a big computer, in the end how much? The Yangzi Evening News reported that a 34 year old computer engineer Mr. Wang daily engaged in computer design work on average in more than 10 hours, and always wanted to have a second child before the lover is not successful, the results go to the hospital for examination, the results shocked. Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital professor Ceng Qingqi said that the radiation on human health has been determined to have definite effect, and Mr. Wang from the inspection report, the sperm density and activity is normal, but the sperm deformity rate was 99%, was diagnosed as teratozoospermmia. If you want to improve this problem, it is necessary to improve the living habits, reduce computer use time, strengthen exercise. In this regard, Professor Ceng Qingqi stressed that small doses of radiation will cause infertility, there is no exact research results. The daily use of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, etc., will cause infertility, there is a great controversy in academia, but men should try to minimize contact with the radiation source. For urban white-collar workers, stay up late and sedentary is the two common factors affecting the quality of sperm life, should try to avoid. Doctors suggest that physical exercise should be more than 5 days a week, every time for 30 minutes, which is roughly the goal of achieving a daily goal of 6000.相关的主题文章: