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Such as "6" producer interview self gangs and multiplayer game player such as the 6 area the TGS 2016 stations Tokyo game show to enter the second day, Jun video interview to "dragon 6" director Toshihiro nagoshi. In the field of Toshihiro nagoshi of "dragon 6" did not do too much introduction, directly started the interview questions and answers. Look at today’s interview, he revealed what new information. Did you ever have a baby in the 1 generation, who had a child in the 6 generation, so deliberately set the plot in a direction? With the baby. The relationship is "key 6" the story of the dragon. There is not much to say. After ten years in the game, from the adoption of the little girl, has grown into a mature woman. This probably means a change. The trailer, and presentation of the content did not appear near the river together, whether the 6 generation does not appear? This story will not be the focus of a river near unity, there has been the organization will focus on Hiroshima local. Will there be enhanced features for PS4 Pro? This may be the first to ask the president of SIEJA, Mr. Oda, just know can say. Is the official version 30 or 60? FPS is floating and will remain above 30 frames. Yazuka, high popularity, why this time suddenly to the protagonist of the story end? Because the Dragon series has lasted more than 10 years, kiriu horse age was 48 years old, of course, do not want him to continue with the young man about to fight, so that his story ended. Because also for the development of a new engine, we also want to make progress in the game on the system down, the story has to do conversion. It’s not a good thing to keep the story going, it’s better to have a good ending. With the current technology to re create the previous works, which is the most want to re – made? Because it is not very easy to re start from scratch, and now can not say which one to re make, but the possibility of continuing the re launch of the work is not 0. In the Asian market heard the players want to remake the sound. Because I don’t want to move the content directly. Want to do, but also want to do a good job, it is necessary to spend a lot of effort, which is currently encountered difficulties. "6", such as there is no game player in Asia, adding some Asian game player are more familiar with the elements? There is no specific design of the elements of the players in which country, but now let players in the Chinese region can play with the work, has been working hard. Game has always been very attractive, the game has been released now, which is the most time spent? If we have seen the film, there is a new factor is the gang creator. Tong Sheng can organize a gang of their own, you can play with the game in the NPC or other players through the connection of the way to fight. Mobile phone implanted in the game, in addition to the self timer what function? Mobile phones play a very important role in the management of the ability to strengthen the protagonist, the game also serves the community site, but also through the phone connection. In the street。相关的主题文章: