Sun Nan concert in Foshan will bring the Fox father strength struck (video)-yo te amo

Sun Nan Foshan concert will bring "Fox" strength struck Sun Nan "mother in the dream" live version of Tencent entertainment news from Sun Nan "happiness within" concert tour kicked off since, has maintained a good reputation and box office performance flying. Set a high standard for the design and perfect live concert won countless fans point of praise, but there is a lot of friends to become the Sun Nan concert seat guests. Dongguan Railway Station after the success of the coupled field in Foshan, the first day at the box office over millions of billing. In response to fans called on Sun Nan with Foshan on a "happiness within" tour in the Dongguan Railway Station has achieved great success, awesome audience and Sun Nan zero distance interactive detonate, an atmosphere of blasting wonderful concert achievement, every concert is bringing the audience a kind of visual feast. This time, a lot of fans in Guangdong region are in order to be able to personally feel the charm of Sun Nan’s perfect live singing, waiting for the official announcement of the pre-sale date. As in the last tour of the Dongguan Railway Station, FoShan Railway Station, from the same concert has been very hot in the day billing, allegedly concert billing had more than million at the box office the first day. With the concert entered the countdown stage, demand for tickets have become increasingly tense, it seems "mainland brother" charm is unabated. The media to visit the set rehearsal performance of Sun Nan "Foshan No shadow kick" Sun Nan in the new music rehearsal process for the Foshan concert in wildly beating gongs and drums, ushered in the media to visit. Sun Nan not only live for the media friends impromptu singing a number of songs for the new arrangement of the song, but also introduced the concert carefully designed some of the details. It is reported that in this tour FoShan Railway Station, invited to his friend for more than and 10 years "don’t speak to strangers Fox" Daniel Chan, and Sun Nan. As a singer and versatile dwelling artist, outside unchanged for many years in his handsome looks, "sing" the masked eye once again demonstrated Daniel Chan’s singing strength, this time behind a friend Sun Nan, two people will spark a new collision in taiwan. When asked about the fans about the song, Sun Nan said that in addition to the new practice of Guangdong concert songs for Guangdong fans, there will be some new surprises, Foshan is Huang Feihong’s hometown, the home of Kung Fu, I will show some Kung Fu fusion. The concert will appear "Concubine" playing "Foshan No shadow kick is worth the wait.". Sun Nan "happiness within" concert tour, on November 26th, south of the Five Ridges pearl stadium in Foshan. Live Sun Nan has been known for zero defects, this time, Sun Nan will be with the production team and his queen’s top band, Foshan fans bring about a "Nan saw" the concert?相关的主题文章: