Tech fans tell you that the animal world Olympic champion – Sohu maternal and child (video) ekdv-273

Science and technology fans tell you, the Olympic champion in the animal world – the mother and child of the Sohu science enlightenment, from the beginning of the Arab Israeli bear do not look at the insects are small, long and not good-looking, they have a lot of magical skills. A bear has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming super games. His goal is to champion. A good friend thinks this is a joke. She believes that a bear to participate in the Arab League to eat or sleep game is estimated to win a championship. Aabare, of course, refused to accept, until he met his opponent. Whether it’s an ant, a cockroach or a flea, a strange, ugly appearance is not very interesting. But if they understand their skills, but also feel ugly? The first one is the weightlifting competition, in the face of such a young player, a bear defeat. At this point, the emergence of super ants to help him. Do not underestimate the super ants, he can lift the body weight 5 times what is super hercules. The second game is a long-distance race, cheetah flowers run too fast! Cheetah is the fastest animal on earth, 80km H. Of course, super cockroach speed is 320 km H. In the last game, the high jump. Kangaroos can jump 4m high, while super fleas can jump 500m. Don’t say I’m ugly. A "bear", focused on 2-6 years old children’s scientific enlightenment, Chinese Academy of Sciences recommended family study goal is: let your baby have a selection of high-quality books. Therefore the introduction of a letter for your baby to choose a suitable book. In addition to the children to see picture books, we recommend that parents must read, family wealth of life book building. Mom and dad happy, the children more happy.相关的主题文章: