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Tencent, 58 issued Teng city plan "social connection and the service life of Tencent, 58 issued a" Teng city plan "? Phoenix Technology News News September 12th, Tencent and the 58 group jointly issued a" strategic cooperation Teng city plan ", to jointly build the" strongest social life service complex ", let the Internet really benefit users and small and micro businesses. 58 group as China’s largest life service platform, long-term work in the field of life services, has a rich and reliable life and service resources and strong O2O service capabilities. Tencent based on WeChat, QQ and other communications platform to become the Internet connector, one end of the connection partners and merchants, one end connected to massive users, to build a healthy and active Internet ecosystem. Under the premise of complementary advantages, open and win-win cooperation, the two sides will focus on the needs of users, businesses, and promote the Teng city plan". On the one hand, the two sides will be connected through the 58 scenes of life services and social networking site Tencent, in-depth insight into the user’s real pain points, to provide users with matching, quality of life information services. At the same time, the two sides will provide small and micro businesses with accurate user orientation and in-depth insight, to build a dynamic advertising system, improve marketing efficiency, and create real business value. With the Teng city plan in-depth, the two sides will gradually improve the user insight capabilities, improve marketing solutions, improve marketing efficiency, and truly achieve social life service". For example, when a user needs to buy a house, Teng plan will be based on user interest will be suitable for product information to match the potential customers, in order to meet the pain points of their life information. Liu Chiping, President of Tencent Inc, said Tencent hopes to work together with 58 partners to assume responsibility for the Internet to effectively support the development of commercial entities. Teng city plans will not only provide a better life service closed loop experience, but also to help small and micro businesses to obtain users, upgrade service capabilities, in order to achieve efficient connection between online users and high-quality business lines. 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo said that with the life of mobile social services, how to make social life services to meet the needs of individual users is an important mission of the group of 58. That is, through the Internet to build a social + life ecosystem, so that more and more people enjoy better quality services. Teng city plan release means that the two sides will be in the user side, the business side and service chain, to achieve the reconstruction of traditional life services. This is not only conducive to the optimization of life service marketing solutions, but also will bring new vitality to the industry to upgrade.相关的主题文章: