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The 31 army commander Liu Jingtai read a farewell flood warrior class orders – Sohu military channel page first: Liu Jingtai martyrs memorial service was held [click the picture to the next page] "flood warrior" Liu Jingtai martyrs memorial service was held at his unit. Chinese Army News: 10 this morning, Fujian Fuqing Qiyunshan, Eastern army regiment "fighting warrior" Liu Jingtai martyrs memorial service was held at his unit. The solemn dirge low. The central banner "Liu Jingtai Martyrs Memorial" suspended below the martyr Liu Jingtai portrait, the casket covered with colored flags, flowers clustered around. "Flood" the magnificent warriors "life" vertical hanging on both sides of the venue, the portrait below and on both sides of the venue placed a wreath to the military from all walks of life. 10 o’clock, Beiwan music sounded slowly, the memorial officially started. The whole staff to the hero 1 minutes of silence, 22 Eli soldiers fired 5 volleys. The thirty-first army commander Li Huohui read "Comrade Liu Jingtai and Comrade Liu Jingtai to the martyrs of the notice" worm merit "orders" of the army, political commissar Zhang Xuejie reviewed the martyr Liu Jingtai’s life and the eulogy. The eastern army commissar Liao Keduo on behalf of Party committees and all the army officers and soldiers condolences to the families of the martyrs, spoke highly of the martyr Liu Jingtai. The sound of the dirge, military leaders, military officers and local people on behalf of a total of more than 1300 people, with the affectionate memory of the martyrs, to the portrait of Comrade Liu Jingtai three bow. Military leaders are with the families of martyrs mourning handshake. Liu Jingtai, who was born in November 1994 in Shandong city of Qixia Province, in December 2011 the army, in December 2015 to join the Communist Party China, served as soldiers, company documents, monitor, the individual has Huojia award 2 times, was named outstanding soldier 1. In July 9th, the "super typhoon NEPARTAK" struck Liu Jingtai in the implementation of emergency rescue and disaster relief tasks on the way, to rescue a quagmire riding a motorcycle suddenly confronted with the masses, debris flow, be caught off guard were involved in the Plum Creek tributary of the Minjiang river. After Liu Jingtai disappeared, Fuzhou maritime bureau, Fujian maritime police detachment, a Fuzhou Port Management Bureau, Minhou County People’s armed forces, Minhou County Public Security Bureau, Liu Jingtai’s army to act quickly, the army and launched a large-scale search and rescue 15 days. After that, local search continues. September 4th, there are people in Minhou Jing River found suspected Liu Jingtai remains. The DNA sample comparison, in September 6th, the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment DNA testing center to determine the remains is the "fighting warrior" Liu Jingtai. A wreath, a deputy, a banner couplet is entrusted with people’s grief. Liu Jingtai’s parents Liu Wenming and Chen Shuli walked in the people’s arm, his son looked at the casket covered under the flag, they conceal his grief, tears pouring down with rain. "Monitor, we miss you! Wish you all the way!" Two soldiers rescued the edge of the forest, with benevolence soldiers stroking hero portrait, sobbing. The awe inspiring hero, surging between heaven and earth. The soldiers have said, must turn grief into strength, remember the heroic deeds, adhering to the martyrs behest,.相关的主题文章: