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The child outside SAPO, the 2 mother practice, people | paper paper – Sohu shiver all over though not cold baby son children out, he was outside the SAPO vexatious thing is very common, as a parent, you have done any of these 2 methods? Ms. Gao took his son to go shopping in the restaurant for dinner, the son of a bit restless, East West move crooked, treasure mother playing mobile phone, Akira. Let treasure mom upset, then gave a glimpse of his son, a little deterrent, during his son and restless, eat the son of Dodo, touch the, and want to go for a walk, the treasure bowl to mom knocked over the table, face down, soup. Ms. Gao son feel ashamed, without demur, waved to the son of a slap in the face, his son did not cry out, on the other hand again, the two go hand, the child’s face immediately red, his mother feel all around, dragging the son rushed away, walked for a long time the son crying the sound could be heard. Processing method of Ms. Gao such violence, so watching are scared. And another treasure mom, it might be cool and surprising. Ms. song at the weekend with her daughter to the supermarket, originally said good results, a total change to the supermarket, she saw some dolls on the walk, want to buy a treasure mom back, in fact, there are a lot of home, Ms. song is don’t want to spend this money, so don’t ignore the daughter. The child in the doll beside crying incessantly, Ms. song is very calm, no shame shame not influence, look around in commodity daughter crying, when he was a complete stranger, finally the child crying out of breath. Whether it is the practice of high mom or song mother, in the face of this situation, this is the most used 2 ways. A too violent, may solve the time but this may bring you, children of your fear, another too cold violence, cold violence is most likely to have a stubborn child, sometimes they are waiting for parents to appease the crying. Outside SAPO children, basically are vexatious love child at home, a not obedient children at home, go out also listen not to go there, but also unreasonable it is difficult to stop down, parents should remediation in SAPO children, to rectification from the root, when to exercise the child emotional self control. What really happens when the child is difficult to punish you, therefore, before the parents found the child wasn’t feeling SAPO, as far as possible to control his emotions, persuade, from the child of the expression of ideas. For example, Ms. song in his daughter before SAPO comfort the child: I know that you love, but there are a lot of doll home, you have never played, we go home again and see if you really do not love, we buy good. ———————— children always love to hit people because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play how to guide the phone? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? The child crying in kindergarten how to do? If you have!相关的主题文章: