The dynamic stability of this SUV is a four-wheel drive a new era of Heroes jiuyaogan

The dynamic stability of this SUV is a four-wheel drive a new era with the upgrading of consumption, SUV became Car Buying market xiangbobo. While the new energy vehicles to join, also let SUV become one of the new energy Car Buying choice, with BYD as the representative of Tang Dynasty — with "542", a listing will work in the city, just a year and a half will harvest more than 45 thousand owners, become the market to maintain the highest new energy vehicles SUV. But many have used mechanical 4WD "old driver" or the electric AWD "Prejudice", fact or not, the following two examples may tell you the answer. Recently, to explore the cross-country performance of the entire electric four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive machinery, a media counterparts will fuel in the high-end SUV Tang and a hot pull into a small pond in Guangdong Foshan Shishan slope super 30° semi professional off-road climbing test. The climbing test, in addition to the test of traction, and the vehicle approach angle, departure angle and the minimum distance from the ground and other physical parameters are closely related, and the deep rut also increased vehicle skidding road challenge response. The only two models with excellent 4WD strength successfully completed the challenge, but the performance of the entire testing process, electrical and mechanical drive four-wheel drive can obviously feel the difference in response to the ramp slip, the electric four-wheel drive faster response control. The reason is that the torque distribution difference of all mechanical and electric four-wheel drive four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive power machinery engine through transmission, transfer case, drive shaft, drive to all wheels, and when the power is realized and the independent four-wheel drive torque distribution 1 2.0T engine and 1 motors are placed in the front drive wheel, another a motor is arranged on the rear axle, rear wheel drive, the power output is passed directly at the front and rear axle, without gear box and transmission shaft, high efficiency, faster response, the response speed of 20 ms 1/10 equivalent mechanical four-wheel drive, and faster response time, in case of tire, brake failure and slipping, means faster the regulation and higher safety protection. In addition to electric AWD, power and body performance of Tang is also very good, drivers commented "hybrid mode, three engine of the same force, the total power of up to 371kW, light on the throttle is easy to climb, rigid body good, lower solid degree than expected, cage body, a large area with a return ticket ultra high strength steel, cavity wax injection engineering value". Coincidentally, during the national day, a few cars in the north of Beijing Tang main shrine old Zhang Gou cross-country conducted a cross-country challenge to the Tang Dynasty, in the muddy road, smoothly through the random stone, road and other complex road and crossing the crater haohanpo, off-road performance of Tang as praise "Tang body just has safeguard, do not lose hardcore off-road vehicle crossbeam. The electric four-wheel drive performance strong, quick response, and a separate power distribution before and after, LSD rear axle differential lock out capability. Almost 820 of the torque power, and no one can also leverage the climbing ability, Tang off-road configuration of the rich, but also must praise!" BYD Tang’s ability to cross the road in the media and the owners of the word of mouth can be seen, and in addition to external evaluation, tang.相关的主题文章: