The highest vegetables in the autumn, so delicious! – Sohu to eat and drink windjview

The highest vegetables in the autumn, so delicious! Sohu and bleak wind, cold weather. Frost has passed, all things withered. This season, the wall on the walls of the home houses, trees can always see a large green, a month in the Ariza lentils green vines below always in knots together to greet the autumn cold experience. In his hometown, also known as the autumn month beans, lentils, perhaps because it is blooming in autumn autumn, in the autumn sun moon and come under the! Mother know I love April lentils, so every year in the wall on a few months pier lentils lentils, month stem will be with the mother frame in the wall of the surface along the pole to climb to the Huai branches on the wall, with the growth of the continuous extension of the vine will last month lentils spread on the roof to. The walls and roofs were covered by green leaves and stems, forming a unique green cover. With the continuous opening month lentils flowers, spikes, or red or green bean pod. In the autumn months by cool slowly, fat, forming a curved like the bean pod. Each home to climb, a hand basket, a hand along the wall of the vines to pick these superior monthly lentils, nature is my life, will soon pick a basket full of. The belly drum drum month lentils, to go home and get it off the old bars on both sides of the pot, steamed with garlic mortar, sub fling with a little soy sauce to eat some mashed garlic. There are some of the more tender, less beans will make today to introduce spicy fried lentils on silk, this is a relatively small cooking season appetizer. Or join in today’s food production! Ingredients: 300 grams of delicacy lentils, pork grams, grams of red pepper, garlic at the end of each grams seasoning: salt 3 grams, grams of olive oil to make delicacy: happiness tips: 1 months, lentils should choose free beans, this month lentils are tender, eat fire easily cooked.相关的主题文章: