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The main battlefield of Chinese photovoltaic staged "West back east" — Finance — original title: the main battlefield of Chinese photovoltaic staged "discard problem West back East West concentrated photovoltaic power plants are forcing diehard photovoltaic enterprises actively explore the main battlefield of the new. At present, more and more companies began to turn their attention to the eastern region, distributed photovoltaic power plant will usher in the spring of the development of the industry. At present, the application of distributed PV in Europe has been more common. But for a long time, the layout of China’s photovoltaic power generation focused on photovoltaic power plants, distributed PV market is relatively slow. "Britain’s energy minister has said that retired people and their insurance, rather than at home as a power station." Zhu Junhao, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, distributed photovoltaic power plants usually five or six years can recover costs, and the service life of components can reach up to 25 years, the following is equivalent to a small factory in the home for the next 20 years. Qian Jing, vice president of crystal energy, as of the end of 2015, China’s distributed PV power station installed capacity accounted for only 16% of the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power plants are concentrated in 84%. In Germany, the proportion of distributed photovoltaic power generation accounted for nearly 80%, Japan is nearly 100%. In the past two years, the problem of abandoned light in the centralized power station is more and more prominent. Deputy general manager of Shanghai CHINT Power Systems Limited Han Jiazhi said that the western region concentrated ground photovoltaic power station, the price is also very good, but now the industry situation is not good, but not to send the electricity consumption. In this case, it is necessary to transfer to the east. Due to the different environment and market demand, companies need to adjust product design in time to meet the needs of new markets. For example, the distributed PV into millions of households, not only better quality, efficiency, safety, but also beautiful. Qian Jing believes that with the development of power plants to highlight the constraints, more and more enterprises will focus shifted to distributed projects. Government guidance coupled with the promotion of enterprises, China’s distributed PV will become the engine of the entire PV industry to take off. According to China’s "13th Five-Year" solar development plan, "13th Five-Year" period China will add 37GW ground stations, 63GW distributed power station. Thus, China’s distributed PV development and utilization of the market is extremely broad. Jungshin photoelectric group president Wang Yingchun said, the relatively high cost of distributed PV power station before, but with the development of technology and the maturity of the industry chain, the cost per unit of electricity can be reduced to about 7 hair, plus 4 hair state subsidies, many distributed power plants even more profitable than centralized type power station, therefore, this the market will have a brilliant future. China’s distributed PV is now more and more hot in the countryside, there are agents to find the initiative to reflect our needs." Wang Yingchun said that with the decline in the cost of the system, coupled with substantial returns, distributed PV has a broad prospect in the civil field. For example, a small roof about two to $thirty thousand investment, the annual yield of about $10%, about five or six years to recover the cost. Wang Yingchun said that at present, China’s photovoltaic power generation can not fully achieve parity Internet access,相关的主题文章: