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The middle-aged businessman welfare 11 million 160 thousand debt first normal gambling lottery proposal in late November 1st 2016128th (Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan award fifth) the current national lottery, out of 17 note first prize, 1 note whispering Anhui. Anhui Province Award from Huaining County of Anqing City, No. 21 Hongqi Street welfare lottery No. 34073008th site, the site of a lottery to 1 28 yuan 7+2 double votes, was 1 note 6039764 yuan prize and 1 note 102291 yuan prize two and fixed prize is 19200 yuan, because multiple bets in the award, and harvested 5 million yuan prize special award, received a total of more than 1116 yuan bonus. This is the first prize of the forty-eighth lottery in Anhui province. In the afternoon of November 3rd, the prize winner claimed that Mr. (a pseudonym) came to the Provincial Welfare Center and happily received the bonus. It is understood that Mr. Zhang, more than 50 years old, is a businessman who started to buy lottery tickets from the computer welfare lottery market. In recent years, he has a special liking for the double chromosphere game and buys almost every period of time. Mr. Zhang said: "when I began to buy color ball, I would love to study the numbers, but always a few, spent a lot of time, you still regret it, then it chose the easy way, change. The "5 plus 5 note single note 7+2 double machine" into each of the standard, an investment of 150 dollars, the winning 7+2 is the type of machine selection." In the interview process, Mr. Zhang said: "sincere words and earnest wishes to keep the common heart to buy lottery tickets, not a gambler’s mentality to play, I know some friends are not rational, one-time investment too much and affect family life, this is not right," according to our capability, long "is the right way. In fact, buying lottery tickets is a kind of entertainment, usually a small prize can bring some surprises to the plain life, not winning the lottery is also for the country’s public welfare undertakings to contribute, it is better than staying up late gambling lost a lot." Winning a lot of excitement, a few times to determine that Mr. Zhang is in the morning of November 2nd, after hearing the award in Anqing, only through the mobile phone inquiry that he won the lottery. "Because the number of the machine is selected, the beginning did not dare to believe that they will, so take the lottery for a long time, even the issue, site number, date of sale have seen several times." Mr. Zhang said happily. Bonus is very timely, but also the debt to improve life, when talking about the award after the plan, Mr. Zhang said: "in recent years, business is more and more difficult to do, do not earn money, do not say, but also lost a lot.". The winning is really the solution as pressing danger soon, just to the end of the year, the old debts are still on. The rest is to improve your life, take care of your family." Before leaving, Mr. Zhang said he would continue to buy welfare lottery, and continue to support the country’s charity. (Anhui welfare lottery)

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