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The Ministry of public security supervision Changsha cracked a large network of trafficking in firearms case – Law — original title: Changsha breaking a large portion of the governor network trafficking in firearms case gangs use the Internet platform, take the logistics express shipping way, to about 8000 yuan each price around the country to sell thousands of buyers illegal firearms, illegal profits 500 million yuan. The "Legal Daily" reporters today from the high-tech branch of Hunan province Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Bureau recently cracked the supervision of the Ministry of public security "4? 11" large network of trafficking in firearms case, take away all kinds of gun dens 13, captured 15 suspects gun. Among them, approved the arrest of 10 people, criminal detention of 1 people, 4 were released on bail; all seized firearms and 8 guns, gun 1922, barrel 30, supporting a butt, grip, trigger, grip and other size gun parts a total of about more than 4000 pieces, involving nearly a million. It is reported that the case of the Ministry of public security organs in Changsha province and even cracked the first part of the case involved in Hunan. After verification, the case involving nearly 30 provinces of the sale of more than 4200 branch Suoda gun. Express parcel hidden gun trafficking network in April 11th, the high-tech branch received a public warning, said he is wrapped in the express business shop inspection, found hidden inside the package of suspected firearms simulation accessories, and immediately to the police. After the alarm, Bureau order brigade sent quickly rushed to the scene to verify, and confirmed by the discovery, the contents of the package for the simulation of firearms accessories. After further investigation and analysis, the police believe that behind the hidden clues involving a huge gun trafficking network. High tech bureau Party Secretary Qi Shuguang informed of the situation after the main leaders attach great importance to quickly set up by the bureau Party committee deputy secretary and Deputy Secretary Yong Hou headed the Bureau order brigade commander Liu Yong, deputy head of the task force deployed Police Brigade, patrol unit, information center, Bianco network composed of elite police to carry out. Detective work. After the establishment of the task force, after two months of unremitting efforts and trace, in Hunan Province Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the relevant departments of the Changsha command and support, comprehensive use of various means of investigation investigators, decipherable, eventually uncovered a well-organized, clear the large network of trafficking the gun gang. The 13 is to destroy the gang outlets all through the network to contact the buyer, "by the way of delivery will break up the whole into parts" guns sent to the buyers, the gun dens are mainly concentrated in Changsha, Zhuzhou. Gang members scattered and anti reconnaissance consciousness is strong, the telephone number and the foothold of frequent change, it does not real name registration, the recipient registered as a false name and address. Selling guns by key members of the gang from Zhejiang, Ningbo, Hangzhou and other organizations "supply", both "vulture" gas propelled guns, lethality. June 13th 17 am, the task force was informed that: the gang’s main suspect Lee, Wen Mou, Zhang will carry a large number of firearms accessories from Zhuzhou to return to Changsha, the task force immediately report to the leadership of this situation. Qi Shuguang, director of the immediate instructions to carry out the arrest, the police task force to hear the news, by the public security相关的主题文章: