The National Day holiday benefits do not stop monetary fund into account Penghua Fund Channel for va soojin

The National Day holiday benefits do not stop monetary fund into account Penghua Fund Channel with the holiday for the National Day holiday approaching, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock exchange has issued a closed notice, during the October 1st -9 day holiday. A 9 day holiday, smart investors have already started looking for holiday financial investment, veteran Monetary Fund — Penghua Fund’s currency fund due to both liquidity and stability, investors become holiday account for. As one of the earliest established money market funds, currency A (160606) and currency B (160609) since the establishment of a stable operation, the recent revenue performance, Wind data show that as of September 23rd, currency AB two share this year cumulative yield are 1.77% and 1.95%, the annual yield 3% and 3.4%, ranking in the same fund. Penghua Fund A share and B share provides multiple choices for different investors have different starting point of purchase and sales service rates. Among them, currency A share purchase a minimum starting point for 1 yuan, the total rate of one year holding 0.68%; currency B share purchase a minimum starting point for 5 million yuan, the total rate of one year holding 0.44%. Thanks the Yu Penghua fund long-term attention to the liquidity management of its stock based, high liquidity currency T+0 trading mechanism effectively to ensure the continuous and effective operation, the convenience can be comparable to current deposit. In addition, Penghua Fund B transaction rates low, foreclosure are free of charge, the sales rate of only 0.01%, compared to similar funds average level of 0.20%, greatly reducing the investor’s share of the fund holding cost, which has won the attention of investors and trust. Wind data show that as of the end of the first half of 2016, currency A B share of the total scale reached 57 billion 647 million yuan, compared with the end of the first quarter increased by 6 billion 465 million yuan, become the market rapid growth of monetary fund. Large scale advantage makes the currency in investment, especially in negotiating with the bank deposit agreement, have a strong bargaining power, easy to obtain competitive benefits, and thus by institutional investors. Penghua Fund fixed income team with long-term stable and fine management of investment style, currency long-term interest rates lead to similar funds. Have excellent long-term performance, deep accumulation cannot do without Penghua Fund in fixed income investments. It is understood that established in 2003, Penghua Fund fixed income team, a capital market test, long operation style sound positive, successful operation of excessive monetary fund and bond funds, including currency, is named "2016 China fund industry white paper" outstanding fixed income team. As of early September 2016, Penghua Fund fixed income products scale has exceeded 250 billion yuan, including 5 money market funds, 3 bond funds, 9 level only two bond funds, 15 long-term pure debt fund, 3 preservation fund, 1 Convertible Bond Fund, the number of social insurance funds portfolio, and the number of only the customer specific asset management portfolio,.相关的主题文章: