The old driver understands Yue Sun, you came to interview because I scored

Yue Sun: do you understand the old driver to interview because I score, Yue Sun breakthrough defense Marbury layup paratelum filled the difference, but Marbury again stood out at the crucial moment, help Beijing Shougang team in the away victory. At the end of the fifth round of the CBA League, Team Shougang away 114 to 109 victory over the Tianjin team, ushered in the four row, Ji Zhe and Yue Sun became the second half to play the best domestic players. Yue Sun brave outwire 7 throw in 5 when Ji zhe second half focus on defense, Yue Sun promptly taking over. He hit the big three in the third quarter, opened the hand can not hold. The latter half 30 seconds 2 score shot on the bench, Zhai Xiaochuan made a shuaishou action, to "hit rate in praise of the king". The key of the distal left 4 minutes and 11 seconds, Yue Sun angle of 45 hit three points, the score will lead to 100 than 97, on the sidelines of the Min Shuai will raise both hands made three gestures. "The king" in the outwire 7 cast 5, 4 balls from the second half. It was the first time he scored twice this season with 21 points, as well as a total of 9 rebounds, 3 assists and a total of 2 caps. After the game in the face of the reporter’s praise, "Mahatma" opened, also said: "now you interview me is because I score, I used to, but no matter what to do on the pitch, to use their own best way to help the team, this is the most important."相关的主题文章: